Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lego Games Tour

On Saturday, August 14th, we loaded up the family and drove to downtown Austin with the Monica's for the Lego Games Tour. It was held outdoors and it happened to be a super hot day! Ugh! But we went anyway for our Lego enthusiast boys.

Dane, Elizabeth, and Grandma Monica checked out the Lego game displays.
Meanwhile, Mason tried out the giant game "Minostaurous."

The Expo wasn't as big as we thought it would be so we all meandered around. About 10 mins before 1:00pm. they made an announcement that the "stage games" would start at 1:00pm. Dane went over to the stage to wait. A few minutes later, I see he had gone ON the stage. I said to Ed, "What is he doing? You can't play in the stage games unless you got here in the morning to sign up for a time slot." I figured the MC would send him packing. Instead, the MC talks to Dane and then Dane points to me. I go over to see what is going on.

Turns out one of the families that had signed up to play in the stage games was just a mother and young son who would be playing against a family of 5 teens!! So the mom (Nikki) and her son (Cole) asked Dane to join their team. I signed the release forms and wished them luck. (Like they could win against 5 teens!!) Thus was born "Team Minotaur."

The first game was "Monster Four," like tic-tac-toe only played with an over sized die. Each color on the die represented something different like change a block to your team color, change a block of your opponents to your team color, or answer a trivia question.

Dane throws the die.

Dane turns a block to red, his team's color.
Dane and Cole listen to a trivia question,
"What is the name of the monster that terrorized Tokyo?"
Dane shouted out, "Godzilla!" The crowd cheered!
Cole turns another block to red! Woo hoo!!
Almost there!

After another roll, Team Minotaur won the game!
Cole and Nikki enjoy the win with Dane!

You can see the red 4 in a row win in this picture of the
MC high fiving the other team.
The other team finished with one blue block only!

The second game was like Hop Scotch only with over stuffed colored die and a color mat. The object was to be the first team down to the end of their mat using the die as in the game before. Cole got to be on the mat while Dane and Nikki rolled the die.
Dana, Mason, & Clark watch the games from the side of the stage.
Cole answered a trivia question, "Where does molten lava come from?" "Volcanoes." We all cheered!!Dane answered another trivia question, "What are the names of the 2 robots in Star Wars?" (That was any easy one for a boy whose brothers are obsessed with Star Wars!!)
With the luck of the die in their favor, Team Minotaur wins again!
High fives all around!!
Since the winner of 2 out of 3 stage games won the prizes, Team Minotaur was sitting pretty!! And it was a good thing! The last game was tough! For this game one team member was blind-folded while the other team members gave them directions on how to put a large piece puzzle together. The first team with a completed puzzle won. Ack! Since Team Minotaur was one mom and two 7 yr olds, Nikki, volunteered to be blind folded.

It was really crazy! Everyone around the stage was shouting directions! I felt badly for Nikki!
Dane and Cole tried hard but Team Minotaur didn't win this game-- but they won the prizes!! Dane got the new Lego game called "Magikus" and Cole got a new game called, "Robo Champ." What great prizes!!
The winning Team Minotaur!
It was super nice (and lucky) that Dane was invited to be a part of that fun experience!

One last pose......... in front of a full size Lego minotaur. We all tried to guess how many Legos it took to make the big guy. Whoever guesses correctly, wins a trip to Legoland in California. Wouldn't that be sweet????

From there we drove out the Barton Creek Mall to go to the new opened Lego Store! Dane spent money he had been saving for a new set of his favorite Lego sets, Power Miners. What a big day for Dane!!

Later that night, I got a text from Nikki that they had been on the news. I remembered seeing a camera man while we were there. Click on the link to see the news clip. They are shown about 25 seconds into it. Dane gives the MC a high five.

Super Cool!!

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