Monday, August 16, 2010

Ed's 40th birthday party

With Ed's birthday falling 2 days before school starts, I decided to throw him a 40th birthday party 3 weeks before his actual birth date. Not only did this allow us to avoided the school issue, it allowed for some surprises!!

On Friday, August 6th, we had a luau birthday party. Guests started showing up a little before 7pm. Ed was answering the door as any good host would do..... which played right into my plans! At 7:10 the door bell rang. Ed opened the door but all he could see were a bunch of balloons and 3 sets of legs. He leaned to the side to try and see who it was but couldn't tell. Then the balloons were lowered to revile the mystery guests. A couple of beats passed and then Ed's jaw hit the floor... really it did! The mystery guests were Tom (his brother from TN), Haley (his niece from TN), and Papa Charley (his father from TN). Ed was so surprised! It was a great moment!

After we herded them all in to the living room, two other families arrived. At 7:20 the bell rang again. Ed went to open it. This time he saw balloons and small kids! As he realized who the next set of mystery guests were, he said, "They all came!" He teared up. These mystery guests were Don & Myra (his brother and sister in-law from AL), Jenny & Andy (his niece and nephew from AL), and Grandma Karon (his mother from TN). It was a touching moment as he greeted them all.

So, surprise 1 and 2 were successes. Everyone mingled, chatted, ate, and the kids played on the play scape and in the moon bouncer we had rented. I was so involved with everything going on, I didn't pick up my camera for a while. Luckily someone else did or I wouldn't have the pictures I do have!!

This is what as going on in the house.......................
One of the areas with party food

Papa Charley, O'ma, & LallyMichelle, Nicki, Erin, Christie, Rebecca, & Shannon

Tom & Cecil

Aloha O'ma!

Rebecca, Hang Ten Nicki, Shannon, & Olivia

Papa Charley

In the back, here is what was going on..........
Oscar, Ian, & Zach

Clark & Andy

Kayla & Abigail
Alvin, Jenny, & Jimmy

Close up of Jumpin' Alvin

Simon & Kiri

Dane & Tom



Jessica & Clark

Surprise 3 was next. We all gathered in the living room for an activity uniquely devised for Ed, a "joke-off!" All guests had been notified about the "joke-off" and asked to come to the party with 2 jokes on paper. Even the kids participated! We took turns on the mic telling the jokes to each other. Everyone left their papers with me so that I could type up the jokes into a book for Ed as a memory from the party. There were some hilarious jokes and some groaners! It was a lot of fun and a neat way to honor the birthday boy- who grabbed the mic and told some of his favorite jokes as well!

The audience is listening.......



Papa Charley





Finally, the birthday boy gets his turn!!

Don't look at the cake too closely or you will see the damage it sustained when Mom had to slam on the breaks when driving the cake over! Oh, well! It still tasted good!

The Limbaugh Brothers back together
after the guests had left!
Happy 40th Ed!
Hope it was a great night for you!

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