Monday, July 5, 2010

Dane goes to Cub Scouts "Jedi" camp

Recently Dane attended a very unique summer camp. Each evening for a week, he reported in to "Planet Alderon" for a few hours of Jedi Training and Cub Scouting. The Blackland Prairie District of the Capital Area Council put together a fantastic Star Wars-themed week of Scouting activities at the Northeast Metropolitan Park here in Pflugerville. Besides fun Jedi activities like light-saber training and snarky skits about Invisible Millennium Falcons, the camp included the usual Cub Scout hits like shooting bows and arrows, touching slithery snakes, and making leather wallets.

Above, Dane and his friend Aiden battle with light-sabers. The light-sabers are quite cleverly made from a 3 foot piece of floating "Noodle" tubes that you would normally use in the swimming pool. Add some black duct tape and a strip or two of aluminum tape -- now you have yourself a nifty and safe-for-home light-saber!

Dane had his first exposure to serious archery at Cub Scout camp. He had a lot of fun, but he was pretty serious when he had the target in his sights. Right next to the archery range was the sling-shot range, where dog food pellets were used as ammo! No clean-up there because the critters took care of that each night after the boys left.

It wouldn't be Cub Scout camp without getting wet! Dane's about to get splattered with a water balloon tossed by his partner.

At the close of each evening, the campers gathered around a "campfire" (in the fire pit, right) for song, cheers, and skits. If you look closely, you'll see the "Planet Alderon" guys and Dane with his silly dog hat near the left edge of the picture. (Maybe Dane will sing the "Squirrel Song" for you sometime soon.)

On the last evening of camp (Friday, 18 June 2010), the Scouts were treated to some very special visitors. The campers graduated to from Padawan to Jedi and then marched one-by-one through the assembled honor guard of Boba Fett, Storm Troopers, assorted Jedi warriors, and Darth Vader in tennis shoes. Dane choose to whip through and didn't pause long enough for a decent picture. He was in a hurry to claim his honorary light-saber for home defense! (Mason now has one so they battle for control of their most prized possession, the TV remote control.)

I think Dane will remember this camp experience for quite a while.

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