Saturday, July 24, 2010

Austin Splash Park

Behind the Palmer Events Center and to the west of Auditorium Shores, you will find the Butler Park. It is a beautiful space with nice views of Downtown Austin. The big attraction for the kids is the Liz Carpenter Fountain in the middle.... basically it is a kid's splash park.

I took Mason and Dane down while Clark was doing a Research Clinic for a study company. (He made $80 for 2 hours of playing an unreleased Disney video game and giving his opinion of it! Sweet!) Mason didn't enjoy it the way Dane did so there are far more pictures of Dane having all the fun. Oh, well!

Here are some pictures from the time we were there.
The water "dances" so you will see it at
varying heights in the photos.

Pictures of the Downtown Austin view.

Supposedly there are 14 free splash parks in the Austin area. I wonder if we can hit all of them before the summer ends? We have been to 2 so far.... only 12 more to go!

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