Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Starwars in Concert

Starwars in Concert is touring right now. They came to Austin on June 6th. We had purchased 6 tickets with the intention of the family going. We scored getting floor tickets, center, 2nd section from the stage, 1st row of that section- perfect seats!

After watching the boys FLIP OUT about the show/tickets, we asked Clark if he would like to make the concert his birthday party (only about 5 weeks before his real birthday) by inviting friends and Mason to go to the concert. He didn't hesitate to say yes!

The teens came to the house for a pre-movie and hot dogs.
Clark in a fighter helmet.
We drove them to the Frank Erwin Center an hour before the concert start time so they could have plenty of time viewing the exhibits (authentic movie props, back drops, etc.).

Clark took two pictures from their seats before the concert started.

The whole ride home, it was non stop Starwars Concert talk and general silliness. They LOVED the concert!

Back at the house, we had cookie cake for dessert.........

followed by silly dancing!

Happy early Birthday, Clark!!

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k5teacher said...

I had a class with 16 boys this past year, and I have to say, Star Wars was the most talked about, acted out, written and drawn about topic all year long!