Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pie Happy Hour

There is a little restaurant on Main Street in Hutto called The Texan Cafe. They are known for serving yummy home style food. What most people don't know is that they have a "Pie Happy Hour" Tuesday through Saturday from 3pm to 5pm. During "Pie Happy Hour" you get a slice of pie and a drink for $3.74. The really cool part is that you get to choose the kind of pie from an old pie display case, and man, are there choices!!! Fruit pies, chocolate pies, cobblers, cakes........ wow! All home made and freshly made!

My boys had heard about "Pie Happy Hour" but had never gone. They decided it would be a great "last day of school outing." I agreed! So we started inviting our friends. In the end, we had a total of 30 people (including us) show up that day for pie.

I ordered Chocolate Silk Pie..... OMG good!
People and pie pictures.

Of course, you can't visit Main Street in Hutto without stopping by the giant Hippo! My van load of silly boys were all for it!


k5teacher said...

Sounds like a fun time with the boys! Which one did you try?

Lisa said...

The chocolate silk was all mine!