Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celebration for Mrs. Olivarez

Our school principal of 4 yrs is taking a job with admin starting in mid-June. We are sad to see her go. She opened the school 4 yrs ago, has been a great supporter of the PTO and my friend!

I helped plan a big surprise that involved the whole school, a neat photo taken sneakily, and a cake and punch reception. It was really fun, and more importantly, I hope conveyed how much we will miss her and are thankful for her service to the school and kids!

The whole school was involved in an out-door cheering goodbye surprise! We even had a police car with lights and sirens going!

Below is the sneakily taken picture, taken by Rod Walline, on a lift, while Mrs. Olivarez was on campus! Hee hee!

Click on the pic below to see it close up. (Dane is the fourth kid (orange shirt) from the bottom of the straight line in the E.)
The reception table.

Mrs. Olivarez and her family.

Happy Good-Bye, Christie!

Mr. Medina will be the new principal for our school. I am very excited! He is the best possible choice for our campus!!

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