Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby birds in the front yard.

This year we had an interesting nest in one of the front yard trees. A pair of Western Kingbirds built it and laid their eggs. We had been watching the activity in the nest and watching out for the dive bombing parents! Finally we saw 2 beaks sticking over the edge of the nest. Two babies! Exciting! Other than taking some photos of the mama bird, we had left them alone.

Then on June 17th, we noticed 3 babies sitting around the nest. We all were so excited!! Wait, 3 babies? We had only ever seen 2 beaks! What a surprise! I ran for the camera! Of course, the nest is tucked in well so I added text to the only good pic I got of all three of them in one frame. (Click to enlarge.)

This is baby #2 once it came out of the tree center but before it flew away.

The mama is close by as the babies venture out on their own.
Isn't she a beauty?
I had to run one of the boys somewhere and when we came back we noticed that 2 babies had flown away and the third was still in the nest. I grabbed the camera again!

Baby 3 took it's sweet time leaving the nest and hoping around from branch to branch in the tree. We watched it all happening!

I like this shot because you can see the nest really well. Isn't it interestingly made? I wonder from where they got all those materials?

I like this shot..........
.....but this is my FAVORITE SHOT!!!!!
I love everything about it!
The next series of shots is the actual first flight of baby 3. Exciting, I know!

Off baby 3 goes!
Both mama and dad bird fly in.....
......and follow baby all the way..... the safety of our roof top!
Baby 3 made it!
It really was exciting for us to see it all unfold!
It was really fun to shoot and terribly exciting
to get some amazing shots!

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