Saturday, June 5, 2010

6th Grade Awards

About 3 weeks ago, I got a call from Ms. Benetiz, Mason's KickStart instructor. She was calling to let me know that Mason would be receiving an award from her at the 6th Grade Award Ceremony on June 2nd. She and I decided to keep it a secret so Mason would be surprised when he heard his name announced during the ceremony. For the parents, the deal is, you get a call inviting you to the ceremony if your kid is getting an award. No call, no award. Regardless, all the 6th graders go to the ceremony to watch & cheer for their fellow classmates.

The Tuesday morning of the awards, I dropped him off at the front of the school and drove around to park at the back of the school. Ed showed up shortly after. We signed in at the office and went to the cafeteria to get good seats.

Mason didn't see us down front so he had no idea until the moment he heard, "Outstanding Performance in KickStart, Mason Limbaugh." He had a big smile as he walked across the stage! He was surprised and very proud!

This is the moment he realized Mom and Dad were there cheering him on!!
After the ceremony was over, Mason came to us. Turns only one male and one female "Outstanding Performance Award" were given out being chosen from the 109 total KickStart students. Way to go, Mason!
Eric and Mason
Eric got an "All A's All Year Award." If they had given and "All A & One B Award," Mason would have gotten one of those.... but they didn't! (Nonetheless, we are very proud of his great grades. He only missed the A in math by 3 points!)

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