Saturday, May 29, 2010

HHS Band Banquet 2010

Leading up to the Band Banquet, Clark was very excited! After all, he had a new girlfriend, a ticket to ride in a Hummer Limo, and a new suit. (By the way, the new suit is actually Ed's new suit. Yep, they are wearing the same size!!)

The banquet was held in downtown Austin, at the Hyatt regency Hotel. The Hummer Limo drove the teens from the high school to the hotel both ways.

Ed ties the tie for Clark.

Here are Clark and Sherene as Clark gives
her the wrist corsage.
Posed shots for the Moms.

One of the mom's brought sparkling grape juice and little plastic champagne cups for the teens while they waited for the Limo to arrive. I had them pose for group pictures.

The Hummer Limo was so exciting for the teens. We were told it would hold 24 but in the end we had 17 teens ride. When I looked inside I thought 17 was just the right number. I don't know where they would have put anyone else!

Posed shots of the teens and the Hummer Limo.

They loaded up and off they went!

Clark reported having a delicious steak dinner, a good time dancing Sherene and some others, and an over all great night. Oh, yes. He raved about the Limo! And who wouldn't? It had snacks and drinks, a laser light show on the ceiling, and a bad ass sound system!

Newsflash- Clark and Sherene broke up two days later. :-(

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k5teacher said...

What a night to remember! I remember Emily's 8th grade dance...I like to call it, her 8th grade prom! They are growing up so fast!