Saturday, May 29, 2010

HHS Band Banquet 2010

Leading up to the Band Banquet, Clark was very excited! After all, he had a new girlfriend, a ticket to ride in a Hummer Limo, and a new suit. (By the way, the new suit is actually Ed's new suit. Yep, they are wearing the same size!!)

The banquet was held in downtown Austin, at the Hyatt regency Hotel. The Hummer Limo drove the teens from the high school to the hotel both ways.

Ed ties the tie for Clark.

Here are Clark and Sherene as Clark gives
her the wrist corsage.
Posed shots for the Moms.

One of the mom's brought sparkling grape juice and little plastic champagne cups for the teens while they waited for the Limo to arrive. I had them pose for group pictures.

The Hummer Limo was so exciting for the teens. We were told it would hold 24 but in the end we had 17 teens ride. When I looked inside I thought 17 was just the right number. I don't know where they would have put anyone else!

Posed shots of the teens and the Hummer Limo.

They loaded up and off they went!

Clark reported having a delicious steak dinner, a good time dancing Sherene and some others, and an over all great night. Oh, yes. He raved about the Limo! And who wouldn't? It had snacks and drinks, a laser light show on the ceiling, and a bad ass sound system!

Newsflash- Clark and Sherene broke up two days later. :-(

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uncle Jon Visits

Uncle Jon drove down from Oklahoma to have a weekend visit with Nana. We went over on Saturday to visit and have a few laughs. Uncle Jon is the funniest man I know so you know we had a great visit with him!

What is on his head? Don't ask, don't tell!!

The guys!The guys and Nana!
Hope to see Uncle Jon again soon, and next time for a longer visit!!

Dane's funny faces

Dane makes the funniest faces! On this particular day, we were waiting in the car before Mason's band concert so we had some fun taking pictures of his funny faces.

Mason's big week

This past week was a big one for Mason!

On Monday, he found out he made the elite Parkcrest Drumline for next year! He will be playing the bass drum. On Tuesday, he found out that he was top seller in the Cinnabon fundraiser, having sold 45 Cinnabon Cards. He earned the top seller prize of a free summer week long karate camp. On Wednesday, he played sax in the Parkcrest Spring Band Concert. On Thursday, he found out that he made the top band at Parkcrest for next year. He will be playing alto sax in the Wind Ensemble. On Friday, he graduated to purple belt in KickStart. Whew!!

We are so proud of all Mason's accomplishments this week and this year!

Here are some pictures of the concert and Kickstart graduation.

Mason is recognized for winning medals at the tournament.
Mason performs with the Demo Team.

Mason and classmates are officially purple belts!
Mason and friends.
back row- Bryan, Eric, Jacob, Simon
front- Mason
Spring Band Concert
The Beginner's Band!
Sneak shots of Mason!
The band guys!
Bryan, Jacob, Mason, Simon

Monday, May 17, 2010

Parkcrest Drum Line


Mason auditioned for Drum Line at Parkcrest and...... he MADE IT!!!! Woohoo!! He will be playing the bass drum next year in an elite and very cool group! We are so excited for him!

To see previous post with pictures of this year's Drum Line, click here and here.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diversity Night at Highland Park

Once again, Highland Park threw a huge Diversity Fair. There are about 30 cultures represented at our school so this night is meant to celebrate and learn!

Dane dressed as a German boy for the fashion show. Granlally made him a pair of Lederhosen for the night. The socks and hat are not authentic but what I could find. Maybe we will be able to buy some accessories at Wurstfest in October.

Alex and Dane
Kids hanging out before the Fashion Show
Crossing the stage....
On stage.....
Posed shot after the Fashion Show

In addition to the Fashion Show, there were some performances.

UT Dragon Dancers (3 yr to perform for us!)

The Highland Park Bulldog Step Team
(made up of 4th, and 5th graders)

Parkcrest Drumline
The Highland Park Ballet Folklorico
(made up of first and second graders)

It was a really fun night with great performances!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dane got a surprise today while at school. He was called down to the office and given this.....

Ed took Dane to the Bike Rodeo on a Saturday in April. He shot a ton of pictures but never blogged about it. I will get him to do it now!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Face Painting

Dane has never been a fan of face painting. Up until this year, he would never have it done. At some point he allowed a little soccer ball to be painted on his check. That led to this...... na, na, na, na, na,na, na, na Batman!

Our friends Elizabeth and Dana were with us at the Chick-Fil-A Customer Appreciation Day.
Here is what they did.....