Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sock Hop

We had our first ever Sock Hop at the elementary school this year. The dance was held on Friday, March 26th. The day of, was "Dress in 50's Day." I shot a bunch of pictures at the school for the "Sock Hop" yearbook page I needed to create.

This is Dane with his first grade buddies...
I mean "greasers!"
We also had a staff dress up contest. I was in charge of taking all the photos, getting them developed, and making a poster of them so the voting could happen!
Here are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Before the end of the day I caught Dane's class on the playground. Before a classmate could tip him of to my arrival, I got this pic of the back of his jacket.
Then I got these three of him hamming it up for me.
I absolutely LOVE these pictures!!!!

So the night of the dance, we had......... a cotton candy lady come out and make fresh cotton candy, (here is her website. Super yum!)

a motorcycle photo booth,

and a live 50's cover band called "Off the Record."
Here is their website. They are fabulous!

We had such a great time!
We danced and danced!!!

And what did Clark do? He worked concession for
credit towards his high school service hours.
He was the "soda guy."
I even got compliments from someone who didn't know I was his mother.
She talked about how hard he worked and
how he stayed on top of his job.

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