Sunday, March 14, 2010

Talent Show 2010

On March 26th, our elementary school hosted a school wide Talent Show. Dane & his good friend Elizabeth performed a Nursery Rhyme Skit. The first one was "Jack Be Nimble." Dane was "Jack" and Elizabeth was the "reader." The twist is that after Jack jumped over the candle stick, he sat on it. Then he leaped in the air and ran around the stage with his hands on his "buns."

Elizabeth starts reading from the giant book of Nursery Rhymes.
"Jack" shows he is nimble with a few deep knee bends.
"Jack" shows he is quick with a karate chop.
"Jack" successfully jumps over the giant flaming candle.

The second Nursery Rhyme was "Little Miss Muffet." Elizabeth was "Little Miss Muffet" and Dane was the "reader." The twist in this Nursery Rhyme was that Miss Muffet takes a bite out of the spider after it sits down beside her. (Mason was the spider tamer.)

"Miss Muffet" listens to Dane start the Nursery Rhyme.
"Miss Muffet" takes a seat on the "tuffet."
Enter the spider!
"Miss Muffet" takes a bite of the spider and declares the taste to be "good but curds and way are better."

The skit was funny! The audience laughed in all the right places! Dane and Elizabeth did outstanding acting in front of the packed cafeteria. Bravo!

We have the skit on video. I will see if I can pester Ed enough to get him to upload it here tonight. :-)

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