Sunday, March 7, 2010

KickStart Tourney

UPDATE: Parkcrest had 23 students entered in the tournament. Out of those students, 10 medals were earned! Mason's team was the only PCMS team to medal and Mason was the only PCMS student to earn 2 medals!

On Saturday, Mason participated in a Pflugerville Middle Schools KickStart Tournament. He entered in the Yellow Belt Team Kata Division and the Yellow Belt Individual Kata.

The tournament was held at Dessau Middle School. First up, Team Katas. Mason, Bailey, and Di'shon had teamed up to form the "Superman Squad." They performed the Superman Kata.

In the end, they placed third and earned a bronze medal!!!

Next came the Individual Katas. All of the yellow belts performed Form 1. The girls and boy were separated so they only competed against their same sex in groups of 15. Each "ring" had 2 judges.

Mason ended up in a three way tie for 2nd place. The three boys that were tied performed the Kata again. Mason and Marcus tied for second again but the third boy scored lower. Next the judges had Mason and Marcus perform the Kata yet again! To everyone's surprise, they tied again! I kid you not! At this point the judges didn't know what to do about it! Another judge from another ring just happened to walk by so they grabbed him. Mason and Marcus performed for the 4th time in front of all 3 judges. This time, instead of giving a number score, on the count of three, each judge pointed to the boy they thought earned 2nd place. Mason was pointed at by 2 of the 3 judges! Wahoo!

Here is Mason being awarded his silver medal.
All four of the boys who placed.

Double Medaler Mason!
It was an exciting morning for Mason. I am very curious to see the medal count from Parkcrest and the other 4 Pflugerville Middle Schools.

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