Sunday, March 14, 2010

Diversity Day at Parkcrest

Mason's middle school held their Diversity Day on Friday. Mason roped Grandad into bringing his musical instruments from around the world to be a session during the day.

Here are pictures from Grandad's third session with a class of 6th graders.

After the "talk," the kids got to have hands on time with the instruments.

Next we moved to the gym for an all school assembly.
First to perform was The Diversity Choir.
They were followed by a Mariachi Band.
The next performer was "Granny" who gave a speech on the importance of diversity.
The next up was the KickStart Demo Team. Now, this was the FIRST time the Demo Team had performed in front of the student body EVER. The 6th graders that made up the team were nervous! They were afraid they would get "boos."

They come out to music and performed a synchronized opening that was super cool!
Then they formed two lines and out walked Mason with his numchucks to front stage. The sounds of "ohhhh" rippled through the crowd.

And Mason went to work!

Next the team came out and performed the Superman Kata to the Superman Theme Song. It was awesome! (Mason wasn't in this part of the performance since he had the spot light with the numbchucks.)

I was so proud of the Demo Team and Mason. They beat their nerves and performed a great show which was recieved with applause- not boos!

The last perfprmance of the assembly was the Parkcrest Drum Line.
They rocked it, ~as usual!
Thanks for helping out Grandad!

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