Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's & Birthday / Anniversary Celebrations

Valentine's day has always been a low key holiday for us. Two years ago, when our baby dog, Andy, found us, all that changed!

February 14th marked the end of the second full year Andy has been a Limbaugh pup. (Read about the end of his first year by clicking HERE.)

This year, Dane was in charge of the party. He picked out some decorations at the store and purchased items to make the perfect cupcakes for the celebrations.

Dane makes the cupcakes by himself.

While the cupcakes cool, Mason and Dane
decorated the kitchen and nook.

Two of Dane's friends stopped by
so they helped decorate the cupcakes.
Party Time! Mom, Roger, and Nana came over for dinner. We had a slow cooked roast cooked with carrots, bell peppers, and onions, mashed taters, and sauteed green beans. Mom brought yeast rolls to go with the meal. Yummy! After we ate we wasted no time getting to the party!
Dane lit the candles and Clark held Andy.
He got a lick!
Dane was also in charge of the gift wrapping and gift opening.
I usually don't put several photos of the same scene on the blog but these three make me smile as Dane's face changes in each shot. Check them out. Dane is so into it!

Dane made the card and then read it to Andy.
Dane unwraps the first gift.
Mom bought Andy an adorable fur collared coat.
Along with the humans, Andy had canine guests as well.
Rex and Rajah were there too!

Happy birthday, Andy!
We are so glad you found us two years ago!

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