Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow in Pflugerville- yes, you read that right!

If I'm lying, I'm dying! We had snow in Pflugerville today! Real snow! Big fat flakes falling all day. And sticking!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes so I snapped a ton of pictures for proof.

This morning after I dropped the high school kids off in the sleet. I crawled back in bed with a headache. At 10:15, I got up and decided to watch a DVRed episode of Desperate Housewives. After that ended, I called the dogs to put them out for a potty break. I opened to the door to SNOW! I did a double take! SNOW???? Leaving the door wide open, I ran to get the camera so I would have proof!

Then it hit me: this is real snow and my kids need to be out playing in it. Start the fast forward motion machine! I took the fastest shower ever, gave my hair the fastest blow dry ever, got dressed super fast and headed to the elementary. I signed Dane and Elizabeth out and headed to the middle school to get Mason. While I went in the middle school, Dane and Elizabeth played in the front of the school in the SNOW!
While waiting to get Mason, I over heard the secretaries say that the high school was going to let out in 30 minutes. I loaded the 3 three kids and headed out to get the high school kids. While we were waiting the kiddos played in the SNOW at the high school!

First we found Abigail. She had a snowball ready for me!
But Clark was stuck in the Cafeteria. So we circled around to the front so I could go get him through the office. I ended up seeing Helen in the hall so I grabbed her too. I had a full van!
This is what we saw when we got the entrance of the neighborhood. Lovely!
This is the house with untouched snow about.
The kids wasted no time hitting the snow! They tore through the backyard with a snow craze about them!

When they had finally had enough we all came inside to warm up with hot chocolate and a movie followed by some board games.
Andy didn't like the SNOW one little bit but he sat for a long time watching it out the window of the back door.

Round two! The big kids had a snowball fight as they ran to Abigail's to go play Rock Band. The younger kids went out to play in the SNOW with Ellie and Isiah in the front yard.

What a fun day we had!! It was great having a house full of happy, excited kids with nothing else to do but play in the SNOW!

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