Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michelle's 40th Surpise

Well, another good friend has had a momentous birthday! Michelle turned 40!!!!

Her actual birthday was on Feb. 2nd. In order to throw a surprise party the weekend after, we had to trick her! On her actual birthday, Keri and I took her to lunch at Chuy's. But we had prearranged to have some other ladies to be there ahead of us to holler "surprise!" You see, we wanted her to think this was the big deal. We brought her presents and sang when her birthday sundae arrived at the table. It worked!! She thought that was the extent of her celebration!

I should also mention that the night before her birthday, it was misty and cold so nothing happened to her yard..... that night!

Saturday night, everyone shows up at Keri's house for the REAL party! Keri called Michelle and told her to come over for an impromptu game night. Michelle's husband Andy knew all about it so he eagerly agreed. Within 5 minutes they arrived. The lights were out at the front of the house so she had to come to the back where we were all waiting to yell "surprise!" Man, we got her good! She didn't suspect or see it coming at all! High five to the Party Planning Queens!!

Everyone brought an appetizer so there was plenty of yummy food and conversation!

Once the eating was over the games broke out. Here are some pictures of the gamers in action!

Pass The Pig

While the adults were playing games, the kids stayed busy.
Video games
Girls only!
Hanging on Mom.
Drink break!

Cake time! 40 candles is a fire hazard for sure! Tommy thoughtfully got out the fire extinguisher!

Here are some other pictures that I thought I would add.
So I mentioned it was misty and cold the night before Michelle's actual birthday right? Well, her husband told us that she was disappointed her yard didn't get decorated for her birthday. So, while several people kept Michelle engaged in a game, a few sneaky bandits quietly exited the party and drove to her house to make sure she got her full celebration expectations!! (I am sworn to secrecy! Don't ask for names!)

Happy 40th Michelle!!!
And many more.....

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