Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday Love

For birthdays, in Mrs. Simpson's class, the kids make a "birthday book," in which every student completes a page with decorating and a message.

When looking through Dane's book on Friday, I about fell apart when I saw this-
It says, "Dane, you are smart and are (will) you (be) boyfriend and girlfriend? Say "yes" or "no." Love, Niyah."

After hearing it read out loud, Dane tore off to get something to write on and with. This is his reply to Niyah-

It says, "Too young, so "no." Can't until 6th grade."

I can't tell you how hard this makes me laugh!!!!!!! Niyah is one of several 1st grade girls who has declared her love to Dane this year.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow in Pflugerville- yes, you read that right!

If I'm lying, I'm dying! We had snow in Pflugerville today! Real snow! Big fat flakes falling all day. And sticking!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes so I snapped a ton of pictures for proof.

This morning after I dropped the high school kids off in the sleet. I crawled back in bed with a headache. At 10:15, I got up and decided to watch a DVRed episode of Desperate Housewives. After that ended, I called the dogs to put them out for a potty break. I opened to the door to SNOW! I did a double take! SNOW???? Leaving the door wide open, I ran to get the camera so I would have proof!

Then it hit me: this is real snow and my kids need to be out playing in it. Start the fast forward motion machine! I took the fastest shower ever, gave my hair the fastest blow dry ever, got dressed super fast and headed to the elementary. I signed Dane and Elizabeth out and headed to the middle school to get Mason. While I went in the middle school, Dane and Elizabeth played in the front of the school in the SNOW!
While waiting to get Mason, I over heard the secretaries say that the high school was going to let out in 30 minutes. I loaded the 3 three kids and headed out to get the high school kids. While we were waiting the kiddos played in the SNOW at the high school!

First we found Abigail. She had a snowball ready for me!
But Clark was stuck in the Cafeteria. So we circled around to the front so I could go get him through the office. I ended up seeing Helen in the hall so I grabbed her too. I had a full van!
This is what we saw when we got the entrance of the neighborhood. Lovely!
This is the house with untouched snow about.
The kids wasted no time hitting the snow! They tore through the backyard with a snow craze about them!

When they had finally had enough we all came inside to warm up with hot chocolate and a movie followed by some board games.
Andy didn't like the SNOW one little bit but he sat for a long time watching it out the window of the back door.

Round two! The big kids had a snowball fight as they ran to Abigail's to go play Rock Band. The younger kids went out to play in the SNOW with Ellie and Isiah in the front yard.

What a fun day we had!! It was great having a house full of happy, excited kids with nothing else to do but play in the SNOW!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's & Birthday / Anniversary Celebrations

Valentine's day has always been a low key holiday for us. Two years ago, when our baby dog, Andy, found us, all that changed!

February 14th marked the end of the second full year Andy has been a Limbaugh pup. (Read about the end of his first year by clicking HERE.)

This year, Dane was in charge of the party. He picked out some decorations at the store and purchased items to make the perfect cupcakes for the celebrations.

Dane makes the cupcakes by himself.

While the cupcakes cool, Mason and Dane
decorated the kitchen and nook.

Two of Dane's friends stopped by
so they helped decorate the cupcakes.
Party Time! Mom, Roger, and Nana came over for dinner. We had a slow cooked roast cooked with carrots, bell peppers, and onions, mashed taters, and sauteed green beans. Mom brought yeast rolls to go with the meal. Yummy! After we ate we wasted no time getting to the party!
Dane lit the candles and Clark held Andy.
He got a lick!
Dane was also in charge of the gift wrapping and gift opening.
I usually don't put several photos of the same scene on the blog but these three make me smile as Dane's face changes in each shot. Check them out. Dane is so into it!

Dane made the card and then read it to Andy.
Dane unwraps the first gift.
Mom bought Andy an adorable fur collared coat.
Along with the humans, Andy had canine guests as well.
Rex and Rajah were there too!

Happy birthday, Andy!
We are so glad you found us two years ago!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Movie & Taco Bell

No words are necessary....... but the mom/taxi driver/chaperon was close by with her camera phone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Puppy Love

Mason has an official girl friend named Bailey. They have 2 classes together and are on the KickStart Demo Team together. In fact, they are fighting partners in the Demo fight scene.

Anyway, Dane and I snapped off a couple of pictures today, from the inside of the van, despite the rain.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Match Maker

All I can say is... Match Maker, Match Maker, bring Clark a match....

Clark and Helen after the Winter Band Concert tonight!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michelle's 40th Surpise

Well, another good friend has had a momentous birthday! Michelle turned 40!!!!

Her actual birthday was on Feb. 2nd. In order to throw a surprise party the weekend after, we had to trick her! On her actual birthday, Keri and I took her to lunch at Chuy's. But we had prearranged to have some other ladies to be there ahead of us to holler "surprise!" You see, we wanted her to think this was the big deal. We brought her presents and sang when her birthday sundae arrived at the table. It worked!! She thought that was the extent of her celebration!

I should also mention that the night before her birthday, it was misty and cold so nothing happened to her yard..... that night!

Saturday night, everyone shows up at Keri's house for the REAL party! Keri called Michelle and told her to come over for an impromptu game night. Michelle's husband Andy knew all about it so he eagerly agreed. Within 5 minutes they arrived. The lights were out at the front of the house so she had to come to the back where we were all waiting to yell "surprise!" Man, we got her good! She didn't suspect or see it coming at all! High five to the Party Planning Queens!!

Everyone brought an appetizer so there was plenty of yummy food and conversation!

Once the eating was over the games broke out. Here are some pictures of the gamers in action!

Pass The Pig

While the adults were playing games, the kids stayed busy.
Video games
Girls only!
Hanging on Mom.
Drink break!

Cake time! 40 candles is a fire hazard for sure! Tommy thoughtfully got out the fire extinguisher!

Here are some other pictures that I thought I would add.
So I mentioned it was misty and cold the night before Michelle's actual birthday right? Well, her husband told us that she was disappointed her yard didn't get decorated for her birthday. So, while several people kept Michelle engaged in a game, a few sneaky bandits quietly exited the party and drove to her house to make sure she got her full celebration expectations!! (I am sworn to secrecy! Don't ask for names!)

Happy 40th Michelle!!!
And many more.....