Friday, January 8, 2010

My friend Keri turned 30 on December 31st. So, on December 30th, we had a surprise bowling party in her honor!! I helped her hubby with the behind the scenes planning/work and took care of the cake and paper goods. It was fun and sneaky, especially when you consider she was SURE I was throwing her a surprise party at my house on the 31st. Not! Hee hee!!

The night of the party, Tommy, Keri's hubby, told her he wanted to go out to dinner at Chili's so they hopped in the car and headed out. When Tommy trucked right by the restaurant, Keri got suspicious. When they pulled into the bowling alley, she was very suspicious but since I had directed the guests to park in the back of the building, she didn't know what was happening!! Once out of the car, Tommy blindfolded Keri to walk her in.
We all hollered, "Surprise!"

Tommy walked her over to the cake that had her baby picture on it so we could sing to her.......
.......and she could blow out the candles.

Tommy had rented 2 lanes for 2 hours so we got to bowling!
Clark celebrates a strike!
The kid's lanes.
Keri and Tommy's son (and Dane's buddy), Aiden.
And there was time between your turns to chat it up!
Shannon, Keri, & Michelle
Keri and her daughter, Shaley.
Now, I was at the party, right? Yet somehow I have been blamed for this......
that happened WHILE we (I) were (was) at the party!!!! I have now been accused of HIRING henchman! Like I would ever pay someone to have all that fun on my behalf! It looks great though! Someone gave good directions to the culprits!!

Happy 30th Birthday, Keri!

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