Saturday, January 23, 2010

Michael's Birthday Yard

Wouldn't you know it! I was out with some friends innocently driving by Michael's house when what do we see??? Someone decorated his yard in honor of his 44th birthday! It was so cool, we had to stop and snap a few photos!

I remember hearing that Michael doesn't like to eat off of paper plates so I
guess that is why there were paper plates hanging in the trees! They had funny messages on them too, like "Will you eat off of this plate?" and "Michael is over the hill, watch out below!"

Let me be sure to say that when we saw the decorations, we got out of the cars to check them out, hence the people in the photos. We wanted to read everything so we got up
real close!

This morning I went to wish Michael a happy day when I saw these pictures on his face book page. Look at Michael's smiling face! I guess he is happy he doesn't have to eat off of these paper plates!!

Happy Birthday, Michael!
I hope you never have to eat off of paper plates again!!! :-)

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