Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

Christmas morning, Ed and I were awakened by jumping boys shouting for us to get up. "Santa has come! Santa has come!" It was 6:15am! Ugh!

We all gathered in the living room for present opening.

Gifts from Santa......
Dane's favorite Legos, the big daddy set!

Trans-Siberian Tickets!!!!
Mason is not sad, he is SHOCKED!
"How did Santa get tickets to a sold out show?"

PSP's!!!!! Santa turned my teen boys into
screaming bouncing girls!

Who's been a Bad Elf????

Gifts from Mom, Dad and brothers.....
At last, a REAL phone with a keyboard!

Dane wears the 3-D glasses to an art "Explosion" set.
Mosaic mirrored guitar for Mason's room.

Off he goes.... !

We had a great Christmas morning, great Christmas naps, and then some fun with some friends who came over.

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