Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Brunch 2009

December 23rd we hosted the family for a Christmas brunch in our home. Laurie brought cheese grits, Lally brought fresh fruit and cinnamon rolls, and Mom brought Black Forest Ham and a marinaded tomato dish to go along with the breakfast dishes I had prepared. Everything was super delicious!

The meal.

Then we played the Dollar Game but with quarters. My nephew Phillip was the big winner, to the delight of his girlfriend, Katrina.
Next we opened gifts. This year we had drawing between adults.
I think it worked out well!

Uncle John snuck the bow on Dane's head and quickly removed it after I snapped the photo. Dane never knew it was there!
Mom got her beloved (and well traveled) Mamie
back by Faux Fed Ex... for awhile anyway!
Next we played a game of Christmas Family Feud. I was the host while the rest of the family was divided into two teams. We had Team Brainiacs, who won the game, and Team Aardvarks who, well,.... were badly beaten! Mason was the buzzer.

"Good Answer, Oma! Good Answer!!"

After all the fun, Dane opened his Snuggie and settled on the sofa to chill.

It was a great family get-together and Christmas celebration

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