Monday, January 25, 2010

Trio Practice

Clark, Jordan, and Sherene have formed a trombone trio to compete in UIL Solo and Ensemble on Feb. 20th. They got together to practice for the first time on Sunday afternoon at our house. I snapped a quick photo but otherwise was out of the way so they could practice without interruption from a mom.

The littlest brother was hovering nearby the whole time. Look in the mirror to see his reflection!

Good luck trio!
Fingers crossed for a 1 rating!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Michael's Birthday Yard

Wouldn't you know it! I was out with some friends innocently driving by Michael's house when what do we see??? Someone decorated his yard in honor of his 44th birthday! It was so cool, we had to stop and snap a few photos!

I remember hearing that Michael doesn't like to eat off of paper plates so I
guess that is why there were paper plates hanging in the trees! They had funny messages on them too, like "Will you eat off of this plate?" and "Michael is over the hill, watch out below!"

Let me be sure to say that when we saw the decorations, we got out of the cars to check them out, hence the people in the photos. We wanted to read everything so we got up
real close!

This morning I went to wish Michael a happy day when I saw these pictures on his face book page. Look at Michael's smiling face! I guess he is happy he doesn't have to eat off of these paper plates!!

Happy Birthday, Michael!
I hope you never have to eat off of paper plates again!!! :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

UIL Region Band Concert

Yesterday evening was the UIL Region Band Concert for the students who were selected at auditions (late last year). Clake made 6th chair, top band!

Clark had a Friday all night rehearsal and all day Saturday rehearsal prior to the concert. All of this took place at the Hays County Performing Arts Center in Kyle, Texas.

We sat up high so we could see the trombone section.

Here are the pics.
This is some of the Hendrickson Band students (and one band director)
that made it to Region.
I caught them waiting around before the concert started.
The First Region Band aka: Symphonic Band,
under the direction of Harry Blake from Blinn Collage in Breham, Texas.

After concert pics.
Clark with Grandad and Grandlally.
Clark gathering his things to leave.
After the show we drove to San Marcos to have dinner with Wayne and Lally at Mamacitas. Yum!

Pinewood Derby Races

Dane won 1st Place in his Den and 2nd Place overall in the 2010 Cub Scout Pack 711 Pinewood Derby!

On Saturday, January 9th, 2010
, about , about 70 boys from 1st grade to 5th grade gathered at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Pflugerville for the annual homemade model car race. This is Dane's first time to race, having started this year as a Tiger Cub scout (1st grader).

By day's end, Dane had beaten out every other kid in the Pack except the Cub Master's son!

Dane first had his car inspected to be sure it met the race rules. The car could not weigh more than 5 ounces, had to use the official kit wheels and axles, and had to meet the regulation dimensions. Den Leader Doughty checks the car over.

We studied the official race track, wondering which lane was the fastest. A video camera with a live feed displayed the finish gate on the projector screen to the right of the track. Everyone was sure to have a terrific view to see how fast Dane's car was.

While we waited for the other kids to sign in, Dane jumped in line to share a joke with the crowd. "Chuck Norris walked into a restaurant and ordered a steak. The steak did what it was told! Hahaha."

Pretty soon, the race was on! First, each Den (grade level) competed against one another to earn a top-three finish and advance to the Pack finals. Each car raced three times, once in each lane, to eliminate any lane bias. Not that lane choice mattered to the superfast flyer Dane had built. Dane's car blew away all the other first graders!

Here Dane's car lined up at the starting gate in the middle lane. His car is black and gold with the white headless Lego man. (You'll have to ask him why his man didn't have a head, but he insisted on no head.) Mr. Arndt is ready to start Dane's first race.

And they're off!

In a different heat, Dane's car in the right lane is just a touch behind but edging towards the lead.

The finishes happened so quickly that we couldn't get a clear snapshot of any of them. But needless to say, Dane swept the Tiger Cub Den, taking 1st place at that level. Here he poses with his participation patch and 1st-place ribbon for winning in his Den. He has just a hint of a smirk after placing so well in his age bracket.

After a quick lunch break for hot dogs, chips, and lemonade, his car entered the Pack finals. Now 15 boys (3 from each grade level) were racing against one another in an all out effort to claim the top prize. Dane flew past every other car except the Cub Master's son, who barely topped Dane. When it was all over, Dane had the 2nd fastest car in the Pack! According to the computer measurements, his car had a scale speed of 213.8 mph while the average car in the finals achieved a scale speed of about 208 mph. (The winning car was just a hair faster, 214.1 mph.)

Here Dane poses with Cub Master Stivers and the 1st and 3rd place winners. He has a bit of a cheesy smile because he'd just finished a bag of Cheetos.

Dane poses next to the finish line with his trophy and car. He was pretty proud of that trophy.

Dane wasn't the only winner that day, though. Mason decided to build a car and race it in the Adult category. A lot of the Dads and older siblings wanted in on the action, so a separate category was opened: the 12-and-up "Akela" class. Here's Mason posing with his black and brown zoomer -- which came in 2nd out of about 12 adults!

And he was off! Mason's car is in the right lane.

Congratulations, Mason! Below, in a different heat, he's crossing the finish line in the lead (again!). He didn't win a big trophy like Dane, but he got a lot of bragging rights out of his win!

Cub Master Stivers congratulates Mason on beating the field at the adult level.

We had a fantastic race day and retired to the house to celebrate our victories. Way to go, guys!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

O'ma's 95th birthday

My O'ma turned 95 on January 2, 2010! We had a BIG party to celebrate! Lots of family and friends came out to help wish her a happy birthday. The party was held in a building on the Schlitterbahn property. It was lit up with strings of white lights and Christmas trees.
The meal was catered by Schilitterbahn and Schlitterbahn staff worked the event. The menu included brisket, sausage, beans, potato salad, fruit salad and all the BBQ extras one would expect. It was very tasty.

Cousin Joe said the blessing.

The buffet line.
The guests enoying their meal.

After the meal, we played the slide show I put together with pictures spanning over O'ma's life. It was very moving, even a tear jerker, with powerful music and memories from days gone by. By the end, O'ma and I were both crying!

Next was the entertainment. My talented boys had worked up 2 songs for the event. Together they all performed "Louie, Louie" and "Happy Birthday." I was sooooo proud of them! They remembered everything they had rehearsed and acted like they perform in front of 100 people all the time. Especially Dane on the tambourine. He kept a steady beat, acted cool and not nervous, and had no sillies!!

Wayne and his group "Two Frogs" performed 3 songs. The guests were invited to sing along. One lady took that invitation to mean "sing louder than the performers." It was a bit weird!! Nonetheless, O'ma enjoyed the music.

Next was the cake. I made a patchwork quilt that was the same colors as a quilt O'ma quilted for herself and declares to be her favorite.

Cousin Kathy, O'ma, and Aunt Jim
Mason lights the candle as we sing the birthday song!

I took 95 candles but in the end decided not to use them all for fear of
burning Schlitterbahn to the ground! Ha!

O'ma blows out the candle!

Lally and Ed were the cake servers.

The cake was lemon.
The fillings were lemon, on the top and bottom layers,
and strawberry in the middle.
It was very moist and delicious!
The cake was 19x12x5. It was HUGE- made to feed 100 people!
The carnage!
Group Shots!!!

O'ma and her great grandkids plus Katrina, Phillip's girlfriend.
O'ma's Clifton friends.
O'ma's New Braunfels friends.
Wayne and Aunt Jim with their friends from
Trinity Church in San Angleo, Texas.
Wayne, Clarice, Martin, Jimmy Ann, and Elaine
O'ma with her two brothers Bob and Herman.
O'ma with her brothers and their wives, Marsha and Dorothy.
O'ma with her children and her nieces and nephews-
right to left- Charles, Wayne, Jimmie Ann, Gary, Sue, Joe, Brooks.
Now add in their spouses.......
Lally, Joyce, Linda, Susie, and Connie.
O'ma with her #4 granddaughter and family.
The whole family!!!
Anyone who knows O'ma knows that she loves to dance. If there is music and a dance floor, you will find O'ma out there cutting a rug. Let the dancing begin!

O'ma and Cousin Brooks
O'ma and Cousin Joe
O'ma and Ed

Some parting shots..... as the party came to an end.

Cousin Ryan and his precious girl Lexie
say good bye to Aunt Marsha.

Helen Ruth tells Wayne to be quiet!

O'ma says goodbye to a friend.
Happy Birthday, O'ma!
We love you and wish you a great year!!