Monday, August 31, 2009

Art Contest

A few weeks ago, I went to Aaron Bros. Art & Framing Store to pick up a birthday gift. Dane was with me. We noticed a flier about a kid's art contest. I picked up the info and brought it home with me. That same day, unbeknown to me, Dane excitedly painted an ocean scene to enter in the contest. It was a nice painting but it was on the wrong size paper. According to the rules, the art had to be on a 9x12 piece of art paper.

A few days later, I found myself at a craft store so I picked up a pack of 9x12 art paper just for Dane. Yesterday, on the correct paper, Dane drew an ocean scape picture using colored pencils. He used paint to fill in the ocean. This art was better than the first attempt in that he used more colors and was really taking his time. I was so thrilled watching him do the work. He was absorbed in it!

Today after I picked him and Mason up from school, we drove over the Aaron Brother's to submit the art for the contest.

Outside the store.

A close up of the art.

Dane turns in his art to the store manager who was thrilled to get it.
Turns out Dane was the first one to turn in anything for the contest!

Here is the deal with the contest. In-store voting takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 26 & 27. (This is where anyone who reads this makes the drive to La Frontera to vote!!!) The winning art of each local store goes on to the next level of the contest in which online voting takes place to determine an out and out winner. That winner gets a $500 Aaron Brother's gift card and the kid's school gets a $1000 donation! That would be sweet!

The odds are very low that a 6 yr old could win this when ages 5 to 17 are competing against each other through it all. But one never knows! It's all in the numbers, right?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clark's First Time to Drive- EVER!

Clark had a teenage rite of passage today! He learned to put gas in the tank of the van and to DRIVE! I was the brave teacher and am proud to say Clark, the van, and I all survived.

Of course, I had my camera for this big moment. Witness Clark's first time in the driver's seat!

He was super excited!

He puts it in gear.....
and drives!!!

He drove for about 30 minutes around his high school. There are lots of turns, stop signs, and long straight roadways so it is a great place to learn. He even got fancy and used the blinker the last 15 minutes.

He did a great job of slowly braking..... after the first 2 or 3 "rip your head off" stops anyway! He only really scared me once... it had to do with too much acceleration and the curb on my side of the car! I grabbed the wheel to correct. No crashes, no scratches, no dings. we survived!!

Like all new teenagers, he needs practice but he is off to a great start! I imagine we will spend many more Sunday afternoons driving around the school.

Beep, beep! Clear of the sidewalks Pflugerville, here Clark comes!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School 2009

This year I have one boy in each level of school. Dane is in 1st grade at the elementary school. Mason is in 6th grade at the middle school. Clark is in 10th grade at the high school!

Today was the first day of school! Dane and Mason wore their new school t-shirts. Clark manged to sneak out wearing an old t-shirt! Oh, well!

Dane found me at the t-shirt sale table.

Dane and his 1st grade teacher Mrs. Simpson
Another parent shot some "first day of school" picture and sent it to me for the yearbook.
I was so happy to see Dane's class in what she sent. (Dane is in the middle of the kids in the orange shirt.)
Ed took Mason to middle school. He was anxious to get going and didn't want to have a picture taken. Luckily Ed snapped off this great shot with the school in the background!

When dropping off Clark, I jumped out of the car and got a couple of quick photos. Again... old shirt, sigh!

Low Key Birthday

Dear old Ed didn't want a big deal for his almost 40th birthday. He figured out when plans were being made for a secret party. He poo-pooed an idea for a dessert bar with friends. He repeatedly said he wanted to do nothing! So as far as I was concerned, it was going to be nothing more than a day with a gift and brownies for him.

On Sunday, Lally, Wayne, and Oma came up from New Braunfels packing lunch and cake for the grumpy birthday boy.

After we ate, we broke out the dominoes and started a game of Chicken Foot. It was a close game but in the end, Oma snuck the win out from under Clark!

While we were playing dominoes, Wayne and Mason had a guitar jam session in Mason's room.

Later that evening Nana and Mom came over with birthday gifts for Grumpy

It was a nice low key birthday.... right old man?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Band Parent Night

Friday night was the Hawk Band "Parent Night." The band showed off what they have learned of the new marching show during the summer camp. The name of the show is "Look Up." Don't ask me what it means!

Clark at attention..hup!

Clark is in the middle of the next two photos.

After they showed their stuff, each kid got to bring out a parent or guest to try to march a small section of the show. I was the lucky Limbaugh parent in this case!

Clark is showing me how to hold the Baritone.

Easy as pie!

Okay so it was not that easy to hold the instrument way up, buzz some dying moose sounding notes, count to 8 then 12, and march sideways with shoulder facing front!! I did manage to end up on my "dot" at the end of one of my pass attempts! Yeah me!

After the marching the band got together to play the school fight song.
The director on the roof was giving closing comments.
They were all looking up at him.
It was a fun night. We are looking forward to seeing the show from the football stands for the different perspective.

Lunch with Alyssa

On Thursday the boys, Mom, and I drove to Georgetown to have lunch with new collage freshman, aka Alyssa. We met at Chili's.

Alyssa needed a pack of reeds for her Saxophone so I picked some up for her when I was getting Mason's Saxophone supplies. It was a lunch delivery!

Here are pics.......

Mom's eye is black and blue from eye surgery.

The Cousins......
... in order of height!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Mason is getting a new rock-n-roll bedroom. He got a new queen size bed and needed a head board so we made one.

Step one- Ed builds the frame with legs and supports on the back.

Step two- Use spray adhesive to attach the 1 inch foam to the front of the frame.
Step three- Lay batting over the foam and staple to the back.

Step four- Lay the fabric over the batting and staple to the back pulling the fabric taught.
We chose a faux textured black leather.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tank Table

While in New Braunfels, Mason and Grandad built a table on which Mason's Fish tank will sit.

Here are pictures...................

Mason will spray paint it black when he gets home.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Dane and Mason are in New Braunfels with Grandad & Grandlally for a long weekend visit. On Saturday, Grandlally took them to ZDT's in Seguin. They were there from 10:00am to about 4:00pm!

Lally sent these pics. Looks like a fun place!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mel's Bowling

On Wednesday another group of us took the kids to Mel's Bowling Alley in Georgetown. It is new, clean, and bright! They also have a neat feature I have not seen anywhere else- though it has been a very long time since I have set foot into a bowling alley! They have automatic bumpers that are programmed to come up and go down depending on whose turn it is. You just tell the computer who needs bumpers and WHAM they come up when it is that person's turn. Super nice feature!

At the end of the last school year, Mel's gave the kids a pass for one free game and free shoe rental a day over the summer. Mason and Dane brought the passes home and I promptly threw them away since it was in Georgetown! When Shannon organized the outing, I was able to find one left over at the school and borrow the other. I only had to pay for myself!

My friend Keri took this picture of all the kids we had with us!

My other friend Erin took some pictures too. I will add hers when I get them

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mueller Lake Park

Today a group of my friends and their kids met us at Mueller Lake Park off of 51st street in Austin. It is a beautiful place with a big lake, ducks, and an unusual play scape.

Mason on a spinning chair.

A digger for the sand.

This whole ring turns.
The kids laid on it and tried to walk on it as it was turning.

Dane and Shaley trying to master it!
The metal piece turns as well.

Dane and Aidan on the disc swing.

Dane found a place to rest.
Spiderman makes his move!

It was hot as fire today but lucky there was a nice breeze blowing so we were able to stay out longer than we would have with out it!

Some of the kids feeding the ducks.
Dane and Aiden mesmerized by the water.

Mason and Simon
(Both start 6th grade this year!)
A posed shot for Mom!

After the park, all 14 of us went over to Baby Acapulco's for lunch. Monday is "Kid's Eat Free." We had a long lunch with the kids at their own table and the moms at their own table. We had a terrible waiter who was slow as Christmas but we still had a nice time hanging and chatting together.

I took some posed shots of the other kids. These are my favorites-
Shaley and Aiden

Oscar, Max, and James

Olivia and Vanessa