Sunday, April 26, 2009

Band preview

Monday, the 20th, was "Black Monday" for Clark's band. That is the big day when the directors introduce the band to the marching show chosen for next year. All week, the band kids stayed after school to learn 3 of the 4 movements to get a jump start on next year. The new show is called "Look Up."

Friday night, the 24th, the band had a preview night where they played, for the parents, everything they have learned in the new show so far.

Last year Clark was lucky to get to march with his trombone in parts of last year's show. This year it is all Euphonium! "And it is very heavy," he says.

Here are a couple of pics from the night.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Award Reception

Wednesday evening was the Pflugerville School District Volunteer Award Reception. As I posted earlier, I was invited to receive an award as the Highland Park Volunteer of the Year.

At the reception, they had tables set up in the hallway around the auditorium with punch, coffee, several varieties of cookies, and cakes. I carpooled with Shannon and Erin so we meandered around the hallway visiting and munching.

A group of HPES folk set together in the auditorium. (Ed even rose from his sick bed to come but we made him sit a few seats away so he didn't get any of my peeps sick with his coughing germs!)

The stage was nicely decorated with the awards table draped in a white cloth. The awards were so shiney! They also had large flower arrangements flanking the awards table. It was all lovely!

Our Superintendent Mr. DuPree started off with a little speech about how important volunteering is and what it means to the district, schools, and children. Then another lady took the mic to call names. They called by school and said a little blurb about each person. All I heard about me was "blah, blah, blah." At the same time she was talking about me, I was being thanked by the other district representatives and couldn't hear. (Later I asked my friends what was said. They all replied "Not nearly enough!" That made me feel great!)

Mr. DuPree

Receiving the award handed to me by Mr. Reese.

My friends in attendance!
Back row- Christie (our principal) Carolyn (our assistant principal), Andy, Michelle, & Shannon
Front row- Erin, me, & Raul
(Raul was named "Community Member of the Year." He is a grandfather, to one of our students, who volunteers a lot!
Close up of the award.

There is a short article about the reception on the district website if you are interested!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday Fun!

My 42nd birthday was earlier this week. Yes, I usually lie about my age (counting backwards as I do) but there it is- my age- on the table for all to see! Write it down for I shall never mention it again!

Sunday night, thinking I was going to Shannon's house for a fish fry, I was greeted by a kitchen full of friends yelling "surprise!" And surprised I was!! They totally got me! And what fun it is to be the "victim" of a surprise party!

The first thing I said was to Ed.... "Did you know about this?" Duh, of course he did! The next thing I said was, "I didn't bring my camera!" Ed handed me my camera bag which he had sneaked into the van! (I ended up setting it down and only got a couple of pics after all.)

I have to mention the food! Shannon cooked up a storm and other guests came with appetizer dishes. Tons o' food!! There was so much I didn't get around to trying everything! But I had two favorites; Andy and Michelle's Bacon Wrapped Smokies and Shannon's Roast Beef Wraps. (Hopefully she will read this soon and send me the recipe.) No fish though. Guess she still owes me a fish fry!!

And then there was another incident of sneakiness. They (Shannon and my hubby) tricked me into making my Cupcake Bites for my own party! They are clever toads! Thank goodness that batch was yummy and cute!

Erin B. Picked out beautiful flowers. Turns out she used to work in a flower shop! She also picked out the perfect balloons that said "Who's Counting?" Exactly what I think, Erin! Who indeed!

Shannon, Erin B, and Ed worked hard on the party! Thank you!! I had a great time!

Right at the end, we took a girl photo but some of the girls were already gone!

Me, Keri, Madeline, Michelle, Erin B, Erin W, & Shannon
Me, Mom, Nana
On Monday, a group of the girls went to lunch at Doc's, formerly "Water Tank, Too." They have the BEST friend pickles I have ever had! During the course of the meal we went through 6 baskets of them! Their mini burgers are pretty good, too!

This was a nice lunch. We stayed from 11:30a to 2:15p eating and talking! And while I was there, I talked the manager into giving me three $25 gift cards for our upcoming MayFest silent auction! Woohoo!!

back row- me, Madeline, Michelle, Christie, Shannon
front row- Erica, Erin, Keri, Rachel

Monday night, Wayne, Lally, Oma, and Aunt Jim came to Pflugerville. We went out for birthday dinner to Golden Wok. They have excellent Pad Thai! That's my favorite dish there! Thanks, Wayne & Lally, for the birthday dinner! Going to that restaurant is such a treat.

Aunt Jim flew down from Iowa for a visit with her Texas family and it just worked out that she was here for my birthday! Lucky me!

I got one picture of Oma and Dane. Oma rubbed his back and the boy fell alseep on the couch! From there my camera stayed on the cocktail table while we went to dinner! Aunt Jim had a camera and we got a waitress to take a group shot so hopefully I will have that pic to post soon.
This just in!! Pictures from Aunt Jim's camera!!!
My cupcake bites with white chocolate bottoms. I made them and took them to the restaurant- hee, hee!
The group shot just outside Golden Wok.
Back Row: Aunt Jim, Lally, Wayne, Lisa
Middle Row: O'ma & Clark
Front Row: Dane & Mason

But wait, there is more! My friend Vicki couldn't make the Sunday or Monday celebrations so we got togther for lunch on Tuesday. We went to my favorite mexican restuarant, Baby Acapulcos. Mom joined us. We left there and went to the "going out of business sale" at Ritz Camera Store. (Vicki and I have identical cameras and mostly the same accssesories.) I was looking at the camera backpacks planning to use some birthday money to buy myself one when Vicki announced she was buying me one for my b-day present and one for herself too! I was surprised yet again! I got blue and she got black. Plus the sale was a good one- 30% off plus an additional 15% off on camera bags and packs!! Nice! Thank you again, Vicki!!

Whew! All the birthday celebrating was fantastic! Everyone was so generous and thoughtful! I was sure spoiled for a few days! I look forward to it again next year when I turn 37! (Remember, I am counting backwards now.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Class Photos

Mason and Dane's class photos.
(I purposefully cut off the list of student names.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


For the last several weeks at school, they have been selling "slime your teacher" tickets for a dollar. (All collected money goes to the Relay For Life fund.) The teacher in each grade whose class buys the most tickets gets slime dumped on their heads!!

Mason's class got to work! They collectively bought $100 in tickets landing Mrs. Craddock in the slime chair! In fact, they had the highest ticket sales in the whole school! Earlier this week, when it was clear that Mrs. Craddock was well above the rest of the 5th grade teachers, she challenged her class to hit $100. If they did, she would buy one additional ticket for each of them. So in the end they raised $136!! Nice!!!

As the person who personally bought the second most tickets, Mason got to team up with the highest buyer to dump the slime on Mrs. Craddock.
The "Before Shot"
Mason, Mrs. Craddock, & Eroica
All the teachers who had the highest tickets sold.....
moments before the sliming begins.

Ready, set, slime!

All the slimed staff!
The "After Shot!"
Mrs. Craddock was a great sport about it all!
That is one more thing we love about her...
she is willing to play along for the fun of it!
I know you all are wondering what the slime actually was.... white cake mix and lime jello mixed with water. I heard it tasted good anyway! :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Banana Splits

Hospitality threw another fun staff event today! Banana Splits!!

It started the night before when I placed the bananas in the staff mailboxes. Each banana had a note attached.

The staff saw them first thing this morning. They had all day to be excited!

Here is what the actual event looked like-

The PTO bought the ice cream and bananas. Sonic donated the banana boats, spoons, and napkins. Parents donated the toppings and bottled water. Yum, yum!

One funny story- I bought 3 flying monkey toys for door prizes. (The arms are like sling shots so you can shoot it across a room.) We drew the first ticket and found the winner. It was our new assistant principal. I said, "Stay there, it will come to you." I stretched it out and let fly to shoot it over to him, but it fell short and landed in the banana boat of a teacher sitting at the table ahead of him!!!!! Not only that, it landed in the banana boat like it was taking a bath, with the body laying perfectly down the length of the boat and the arms hanging out the side. That got a huge laugh, but I felt terrible for the girl who lost the last few bites of her split!!

I thought I heard someone say they took a camera picture of the monkey bathing in the ice cream. If I can find it I will post it!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Neighborhood Friends

This picture is too cute not to post. This group of friends play together after school almost daily... weekends too. And they all live in a row!

I asked them to give me their best "super hero" pose. This is what I got!

Kenneth, Ellie, Alvin, Isiah, & Dane

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a very nice Easter!

The Easter Bunny snuck in and filled the boys baskets! Then, being the smart guy that he is, he hid eggs in the house so the rain wouldn't ruin Easter morning fun.

From there we went to Nanny & Poppy's house, stopping along the way to pick up Nana. Alyssa, Laurie & John were there when we arrived. Phillip & Katrina came later.

The boys hunted for eggs down by the dock. They found so many they had to have an over-flow basket! There was also a cool swing tied to a large oak tree. The boys took turns swinging on it.

Uncle John gives Dane a push.

Dane, Rajah, Nanny, & Andy relax in the grass.
A beautiful flower down by the water.
After egg hunting, we went back up to the house for a traditional Easter meal. We had ham, dressing, beans, deviled eggs, potato salad, cream corn, & rolls. Mom likes to have pictures of everyone eating so here you go....

The group shot-
taken with the timer so everyone is in it!

Mom and her baby Rajah.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter too!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg Hunt at the Courtyard

The boys went for an overnight with Nanny on Friday. ( I was sick in bed with the stomach bug and fever. So it was great to have them taken care of.) They were excited that they got to go on an egg hunt.

A neighbor of Nannies took this picture after the egg hunt.

Thanks for having them Nanny! They had fun!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Drop

Kindergarten had an Egg Drop today as part of their unit on eggs. All students were to produce a "container" to protect a raw egg from a drop off the top of the school building. Here are pictures from this fun morning.

Dane made his container in layers. First the egg in a baggy. Next he cut out 2 cups from an egg carton and taped them over the egg. Next he wrapped it in bubble wrap followed by a box made out of large styro foam pieces. Last was a layer of white packing material. All of this was held together with lots of tape!

Our two assistant principals were on the roof. Mr. O'Conner was dress as a chicken. He dropped the egg containers while all the kindergarteners watched on ground level. Here is a series of photos of Dane's container being dropped.

After all the containers were dropped, we went back to the classroom to open them to see if the eggs cracked or survived. Here is Dane opening his container with his teacher Mrs. Russell.

The egg survived much to Dane's delight!
Of the 15 kids that made containers in Dane's class, only 3 survived! The rest were all scrambled!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PISD letter

Click letter for bigger size to read.