Sunday, December 6, 2009

Helping hand

Mom's Sunday School class has an outreach program called "Souls for Soles." They buy new shoes and socks for children in need. This year again, I helped her shop for shoes for kids at Trinity CDC. We went out on Thursday to take the shoes and socks.

New this year, we are adopting kids from this same school for Christmas. My friend Michelle took one family and Mom and I are sharing two families. First things first, Mom and I went coat shopping and took new coats out to the kids the day we took the shoes.

Here are pictures of some of our kids getting their new shoes and coats. Aren't they cutie pies? (They have older siblings that are elementary aged so I didn't get to meet them yet.)

Shoes, shoes, shoes....

Twin 3 yr old boys in one of the families we adopted.
They are wearing their new coats and trying on the shoes.
A 2 yr old boy (and his teacher) from one of the families we have adopted.
He is trying on the shoes and his new coat is to the right waiting to be tried on!

On December 22nd, I will be taking all the wrapped gifts and Christmas meals to the schools for the parents to pick up. I hope they are pleased with the selection.

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