Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gifts, gifts, gifts

I mentioned, in an earlier post, about the families we were adopting for Christmas. With most of the shopping done, we had a "wrap party" on Sunday. It was mandatory participation for the Limbaugh boys. Mom and Nana came to help too. Wrapping gifts for 6 kids plus a few parent gifts was quite an undertaking. It took us all afternoon, minus a dinner break, and the rest of the night to get it done.

In order to keep it organized, we had "wrapping stations" and each kid's gifts were wrapped in a unique paper so it is easier to know which gifts go to which kid (even with the tags on them).

Before the wrapping begins.
Clark wraps for a 3 yr old boy.
Mason & Ed wrap while Dane draws a card.

Nana wraps for a 4yr old girl.

5 of the 6 stacks of wrapped gifts.

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