Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tiled Mirror

Dane's class needed to create a class art project for the Live Auction coming up at our 4th Annual Carnival. So, we came up with the idea of a self portrait tiled mirror. I went in the classroom as the kids were each painting their own tile. Coincidentally, it was Pajama Day for all 1st graders. Dane was sporting a new pair of PJ's that we found with a Bull Dog on front. His school mascot is the Bull Dog so we couldn't pass them up!

Dane and his classmates-

From there Ed and I took over. Ed bought and cut the plywood for the backing. I attached the tiles around the edge of the plywood and drove it to a mirror shop. The lady at the mirror shop went nuts over cuteness of the project! She took over from there. She had her guys double mount the mirror in the middle of the tiles. I picked it up late the next day. Dane's teacher took it back into the classroom for the kids to see and sign their name to their own tile. The result??

Super adorable!!!

And guess who won it at the auction?? Why, the auctioneer herself! That's right, ME! Dane is so excited to hang it in his room. But first we have to add hanging wire across the back.

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