Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year the family gathered at Laurie and John's for the Thanksgiving meal. The food was delicious and the company was nice.

I didn't get any food pictures since we Limbaugh's were the last to arrive, a mere 15 minutes before meal time! Oh, well!

One funny side story- Last Easter I made a cornbread dressing to go with the Easter ham. It was NASTY! I was the first to say it that day, as I warned people not to eat it. This time, I had the task of bringing dressing for the Thanksgiving meal. The pressure was on! I ended up combining a few recipes, including a Paula Dean recipe, that I found online. The end result was yummy!! Whew!

So back to Thurs, we were all seated around the table. My mother had gotten up to refill her drink. I commented on how pleased I was with my dressing this time after the last time I made dressing. Lally asked why. I explained the Easter deal. Mom comes back in the room not knowing what we had been talking about. She sits down and takes a drink of water when Roger says,"This dressing is a lot better than that horrible stuff last year." I start to agree when water sprays my way from across the table! Mom couldn't believe he had blurted that out and as her laughter started, the water spewed out of her mouth.

That was the funniest thing of the day!!! Everyone on my end of the table started laughing so hard! And of course Mom was embarrassed! But she laughed too when we told her we had just been talking about it!

After the
meal, I caught the kids in a nerd moment with Cousin Phillip!

After the food settled, the kids (Yes, Wayne and John, too) headed outside for a game of football/monkey in the middle.

Cousin Alyssa fights off Dane.

Uncle John tries to steal the ball from Clark.
Mason throws the ball.

Grandad steals the ball from Dane in a classic Charlie Brown move.

The game quickly turned from football to "pantsing."

Grandad goes after Mason. No luck.

Dane goes after Cousin Alyssa. No luck.Everyone goes after Clark! LUCK!
I have kept the pictures showing the most "white butt" for bribery material anytime I need it!

Dane goes on a brownie break before they go after him!Right before people started leaving, we took a family picture. It only took 5 shots, on the automatic timer, to get everyone in the picture!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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