Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kickball Club

At Dane's school this year, the lower grade teachers started an after school Kickball Club for K thru 2nd. They formed teams and set aside Thursdays after school to meet for games.

I helped by getting the colored jerseys for them (with the help of the PTO money!) similar to the jersey's I helped get for the Basketball Club last year.

After a few rained out Thursdays in a row, the season began! This club plays by rules that allow for maximum play time and little competition. Outs are made but are not counted. Every player on a team gets to kick before the team switches to outfield. No one keeps score officially. Coaches pitch.

This past Thursday I went up to watch and shoot pictures for the yearbook. Of course, I got some of my boy in action!

Kicker up!
He spots Mom with a camera aiming at him!

Here comes the pitch!

Here comes the kick!

Bam! The ball is gone!
The runner holds up his pants on the way to first base shouting to his Mom, "Why didn't Dad remember to give me a belt this morning?"
Safe on 1st base!
Leaving 3rd base!
Safe at home!
The team coached by 1st grade teacher Coach Baker-Watson.

Go Gold Team!

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