Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book Fair Day 3

Wednesday, Oct. 21st was "Dress Like a Cowboy & Cowgirl Day." The entire school was invited to dress up for fun. For the staff, it was a contest!

Like last year, I was able to get local restaurants to donate gift cards to give as prizes for the staff winners. The gift cards came from- Chili's, Fish Daddy's, Carrino's, Applebee's, Doc' Bar and Grill, & Cheddar's.

That morning, I went around the whole school and took pictures of any staff members that dressed for the contest. There were a total of 32 that participated. (Some more dressed but didn't want to be in the contest.) I ran to get prints made and then made two sets of voting posters. Two groups of 2 volunteers went classroom to classroom letting the kids vote on their top 4 favorites. It took us all day plus part of the next morning but everyone voted!

Here are the winners in order of 1st place to 6th place.

It was such a fun day for staff and students!

So, of course, the child of the one in charge dressed up! Here he is with his classmates that dressed up too. I just loved the "cowboy look" Dane was giving me so I went in for a sneaky close up shot!
Cowboy Dane flanked by 2 cutie pie Cowgirls!

Can ya'll say, "Yeeeeee Haaaaaww?"

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