Monday, November 2, 2009

Book Fair Day 1

Monday, October 19th, was a preview day for Book Fair. All the classes came through to walk around the fair and see what was available for purchase. I was the "tour guide" for every class that came through except during my lunch break. It was fun though to watch the kids get excited about the contests and the books!

Monday afternoon was the Staff Preview. After school was over, the staff came in for a private viewing complete with western snacks, root beer, and a gift. The gift came from Schlotzsky's. It was a coupon for a free Schlotzsky's sandwich! (I worked out that deal during lunch with a friend at Schlotzsky's one day. Instead of visiting exclusively with my friend Vicki, I ended up having a long conversation with Diane,the General Manager. She was so great! She not only gave me 100 coupons but she had them personalized with the school name on them. Sweet!)

Anyway, after the staff checked out the books and finished their snacks, they filled their wish boxes. (Kudos to Erica for coming up with a cute Western wish box decor! She is amazing!)

In case you don't know, every classroom teacher gets a wish box. They are filled with books the teacher would like to have in their classroom library. At any time during the book fair, parents and students can chose a book straight out of the box and buy it for their teacher/classroom. Once it is purchased, the child gets to write their name in a book plate inside the front cover of the book. Then the child takes it to their teacher so they are the one giving the gift and receiving the thanks.

Wish boxes are great for two reasons- 1. What a great educational gift to give to a class! The giving student and everyone in the class gets to enjoy the book for the whole year and then a new batch of students get to do the same the next year. Win, win! 2. Selling an extra book to the parents from a teacher wish box, in addition to purchases made for their own child, increases our sales. The more we sell, the more money our librarian gets to spend on the school library. Win, win, win!

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