Sunday, October 11, 2009

Westlake Marching contest

Yesterday was the Westlake Marching Festival at Westlake High School. It was a 5A band competition, but my school was one of the two 4A bands competing in the contest. Out of 16 competing bands, the top 10 went to finals. When they were announcing the bands that were moving on to the finals, the announcer called our name last, nearly giving everyone a heart attack. Later, Mr.Polk, one of our band directors, told us that the announcers called our name last because they used to work with Mr.G, our head band director, so they wanted to mess with him. Polk told us that we had placed 8th overall in the preliminaries and that we were the second band to perform in the finals, so we had to move fast.

After our finals performance, everyone was excited about the results. When they called our name for tenth place, everyone was a bit sad.

When we got back to the band hall, around midnight, Mr.G and Polk told us how proud they were. We were a 4A band that had beaten out 6 other good 5A band. They also pointed out that last year, at our last competition, we had made finals and placed tenth, so we had already improved so much from last year. Most people saw it as an omen of good fortune for this contest season, but that just means that we will have to work even harder to get to state and win "the ring".


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