Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mason's Main Event Party

Mason had his "friend party" at the Main Event in Austin. It is a HUGE place with several activities from which to choose. Mason chose laser tag and glow in the dark golf as his two party activities, plus everyone got a "game card" for the arcade.

All 14 boys showed up, many of them friends since 3rd grade. It was great to see the group still hanging out!
Once everyone arrived, the boys went to laser tag. I couldn't go in with my camera so I caught them coming out all full of excitement as they compared scores.

Dane was still a little too young for laser tag so he got extra money on his game card. He and Ed played in the arcade.

Next we went into the party room for hot dogs, chips and sodas.

Then it was cookie cake from the Great American Cookie Company. Check out the sparkler 12 candles! The first lit one surprised Mason and he jumped back! Ha!

Then presents!

Next came glow in the dark golf. That was super cool and a little psychedelic! Mom, Shannon and I golfed too. Ed ran around with the camera. Here are pictures with the flash off and on.

After golf, the kids got their game card and were turned loose in the arcade. Once they used all their $$ they could go spend their points in the gift shop. Several kids "bought" candy and little stuff.

It was a fun party and a wonderful thing to do on a rainy day!

Happy 12th birthday Mason!

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