Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mason is 12!

Mason turned 12 today! He chose Logan's Roadhouse as his eatery for this birthday dinner. The boy loves steak! Mom and Nana met us there.

I made and took in red velvet mini cupcakes for the dessert. Mason asked specifically for them to have with his birthday dinner. The restaurant held them in the kitchen until the end of our meal. Then our very own Mr. Brown-like (my kids will tell you he was so Mr. Brown) waiter lit the candle and came out singing.

Mason opened some presents.

Mason said his thank yous and goodbyes to Nana and Nanny. Nana gave Mason the cool hat as a cool present.
We came home to find our yard "streamered." Much like being "toilet papered" this way of decoration is more colorful!

We also found a sign on the front window that said, "Happy Birthday." So we know the intended target was Mason, the birthday boy!

At the front door, we found a large note that says, "Love your Cowgirl, that's right, Cowgirl!"
Mason has no idea who did this... Cowgirl??? We will have to think on this for awhile... Cowgirl?????

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