Friday, September 25, 2009



This weekend is the art contest voting! Please go to Aaron's Bros. Framing Store in La Frontera to vote for Dane's Ocean picture!!!!! You can vote all day Saturday and Sunday!

The contest theme is America. Dane's ocean picture is about his summer trip driving to California where we went to some beaches and the Pacific Aquarium.

If he makes it to the third round and wins, his elementary school gets $1000!!! That would be sweet!!!

Thanks in advance for voting!!

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Vicki S. :o) said...

Oh no, you have to vote in person?!? Darn, that means we won't be able to help Dane this time because we'll out of town. Argh, I thought you could vote online ~> but that's cool that they're starting at the local level. Best of luck to Dane! (Btw, I'll see if I can get a couple of friends to vote in my place!)