Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monster Art

A week ago, Dane's art teacher mentioned to me that Dane had drawn a really neat monster in art class. She said it wasn't finished yet so I would have to wait to see it.

On Friday, I was doing some volunteer stuff at the school when I noticed some monsters on the art bulletin board. I peeked behind the art work and was thrilled to find Dane's name on the back of this monster art.
Three eyes, blue spiky hair, walking on a row of houses... definitely a monster! Dane told me the monster is "attacking the city." I asked him what the monster is holding in his hands. His answer, "two people." And the blue hair? Dane says, "He has electric hair. If somebody touches it they die." Beware!

I just happened to have my little camera with me the day I saw the art. On the way home that same day, Dane got his hands on the camera in the car and took a bunch of pictures including this self photo. Silly boy!

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