Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hawk Band Homecoming

Friday night was the Hendrickson Homecoming. The whole family went to the game to see the band. Nanny met us there. We sat with a group of friends in a huge crowd of fans. Man, was it loud!

The Hawks won the game 48 to 7. The band played music during the Homecoming Court part of half time. Then at the end of the game, the band marched and played their show "Look Up."

Marching into the football stadium.
Marching in.... the trombones, baby!
Marching past the home side of the stands.
At attention.
Facing the stands preparing to play the fight song.
(Clark's head is on the 30 sign.)

Whoop, whoop!After the performance, a happy guy looks up into the stands at Mom!

Caught chatting to a fellow trombonist, after the performance.

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the donutman said...

great times... only thing that could make your times better is if you were carrying a baritone instead of a trombone... hee, hee.
low brass kicks.. uh, behind?...