Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back to School Dance 2009

Last night was the Highland Park Elementary School "Back -to-School" Dance. There was a full house which included 4 of the 5 Limbaugh's. Clark was with the band in Del Valle for the football game.

Dane had a great time dancing and playing with his friends and glow sticks. Here are some pics I took as Yearbook Photographer. I won't make you look at all 200 photos I shot, just the ones of Dane!! (I got to practice using my new auxiliary flash. I don't take many photos in the dark so this was a great time to try it out!)

Dancing with friends.
Dane and Cameron

As soon as we have a home football game that doesn't get rained out, I will be posting marching band pics. And as soon as I paint my study, I will be posting pics of my new desk and new study! Lots in progress!!!!

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