Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spoiled Andy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words....... these pictures of Andy say "relaxed!"

Even after the camera clicks roused him a little, he only opened his eyes for a few seconds..... barely.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ed is changing jobs

I tossed my hat over the fence today.

Sometimes in life you come to a fence, and you think to yourself, "I wonder what it's like over there." But you really don't have a convincing reason to cross the fence and find out.

So you toss you hat over the fence. Now you have to go get it. That's a good incentive to make a solid go of it and really find out what's on the other side.

So today I tossed my hat over the fence: I gave notice of my resignation from Applied Research Laboratories (ARL) after more than 10 years. At the end of October, I will begin a new job as a project engineer for a company called Ticom-Geomatics here in Austin, Texas.

It was a really touch decision, because for many years I loved working at ARL. I have had so many fantastic experiences and learned more than I thought I would. I have worked with really terrific, smart people. And I've had some great adventures along the way as well.

Even so, I found myself looking for some new challenges. I was very fortunate to land a role at Ticom. I will shift away from managerial responsibilities and take a more technical role guiding projects. I'm excited about the role because I'll learn an entirely new field, moving from sonar (acoustic work) to radio frequency (electromagnetic) work.

I'll share more about the job as the time gets closer. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm moving on from ARL. Things will be pretty exciting around here, especially for Lisa, who will need to adjust to a new schedule.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mason on Sax


Mason was practicing on his Sax today. I decided to record him for the blog since I have not had much to report on him lately.

He started playing 5 weeks ago in middle school band. There are a few squeaks here and there but not bad for a newbie!

His band teacher challenged the Saxs to write a song. There were some note and rhythm requirements, of course. He wrote 2, wanting extra credit to bring up his 100 grade average in band. That makes me laugh!

The video may appear a little off from the sound but it does catch back up! And don't worry, the dogs will eventually come out from hiding under the bed! (hee, hee!)

Friday, September 25, 2009



This weekend is the art contest voting! Please go to Aaron's Bros. Framing Store in La Frontera to vote for Dane's Ocean picture!!!!! You can vote all day Saturday and Sunday!

The contest theme is America. Dane's ocean picture is about his summer trip driving to California where we went to some beaches and the Pacific Aquarium.

If he makes it to the third round and wins, his elementary school gets $1000!!! That would be sweet!!!

Thanks in advance for voting!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pajama Day

Dane's class earned a fun day for filling their "jewel jar." Every time the class has exceptional behavior or receives compliments from an adult, they get to add to the jar. The jar was officially full last Friday so the class voted to have a Pajama Day today as their reward.

I had lunch with Dane, and followed the class back to the room afterward to get this picture.
Happy Pajama Day!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ball Hogs

Dane's new soccer team is called "Ball Hogs." They are a U7 all boys team. Two other players from last year are on this new team with him. That is good news. The bad news is that the coach and her son are brand new to the game of soccer. I don't anticipate a winning season.

Here are some game pictures from the opening game.

The Ball Hogs were slaughtered today. Better luck next time boys!

Hawk Band Homecoming

Friday night was the Hendrickson Homecoming. The whole family went to the game to see the band. Nanny met us there. We sat with a group of friends in a huge crowd of fans. Man, was it loud!

The Hawks won the game 48 to 7. The band played music during the Homecoming Court part of half time. Then at the end of the game, the band marched and played their show "Look Up."

Marching into the football stadium.
Marching in.... the trombones, baby!
Marching past the home side of the stands.
At attention.
Facing the stands preparing to play the fight song.
(Clark's head is on the 30 sign.)

Whoop, whoop!After the performance, a happy guy looks up into the stands at Mom!

Caught chatting to a fellow trombonist, after the performance.

Monster Art

A week ago, Dane's art teacher mentioned to me that Dane had drawn a really neat monster in art class. She said it wasn't finished yet so I would have to wait to see it.

On Friday, I was doing some volunteer stuff at the school when I noticed some monsters on the art bulletin board. I peeked behind the art work and was thrilled to find Dane's name on the back of this monster art.
Three eyes, blue spiky hair, walking on a row of houses... definitely a monster! Dane told me the monster is "attacking the city." I asked him what the monster is holding in his hands. His answer, "two people." And the blue hair? Dane says, "He has electric hair. If somebody touches it they die." Beware!

I just happened to have my little camera with me the day I saw the art. On the way home that same day, Dane got his hands on the camera in the car and took a bunch of pictures including this self photo. Silly boy!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Suit and tie

Here is a pic of Ed in a new suit and tie. It was all bought for a special occasion of which I can not tell- right now. But I thought seeing a pic of him dressed up would be a nice post for his family!

Homecoming & Garters

Clark's question of the day-- "What I want to know is, why are there football players on the marching field??"

Today is Hendrickson Homecoming. The game is tonight but the excitement has already begun!!

Last night, with the help of Rebecca & Christie, I fashioned together a homecoming garter for Clark. I had intended to clean up his garter from last year but when I got the Michael's Craft Store and saw all the neat "bells and whistles" for mums and garters, I went nuts and bought all new stuff.

As Clark said, the new garter has all the bells and trombones! Super cute! Goooooooooo Hawks!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Band pics

I got these off of the band secretaries Face Book page. Not quality but pics of Clark nonetheless.

At the Del Valle game.

At the Pep Rally the week of the rained out home game.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back to School Dance 2009

Last night was the Highland Park Elementary School "Back -to-School" Dance. There was a full house which included 4 of the 5 Limbaugh's. Clark was with the band in Del Valle for the football game.

Dane had a great time dancing and playing with his friends and glow sticks. Here are some pics I took as Yearbook Photographer. I won't make you look at all 200 photos I shot, just the ones of Dane!! (I got to practice using my new auxiliary flash. I don't take many photos in the dark so this was a great time to try it out!)

Dancing with friends.
Dane and Cameron

As soon as we have a home football game that doesn't get rained out, I will be posting marching band pics. And as soon as I paint my study, I will be posting pics of my new desk and new study! Lots in progress!!!!