Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nana's birthday

On Tuesday, July 28th, Nana had a birthday! Luckily it was the day after our return from Amarillo so we were able to join in the birthday lunch that Mom threw for her.

Disclaimer: I did not shoot any of these pictures. Ed (who took an extended lunch so he could come to the luncheon) and Mason were the photographers. I cropped as best I could!

For lunch Mom made my shredded Asian chicken recipe, creamed corn, fresh fruit, chips, marinated tomatoes, and cucumber jello. Instead of a traditional cake, she served a dessert that was fresh fruit layered with pound cake and white creamy stuff on top!

Happy birthday, Nana! I am not even asking your age this year! I have been trained better than that!!!!! :-)

Birthday Lunch
Cousin Terry flew in from Oklahoma to surprise Nana on her birthday.

Nana opens her gifts.
Mom and Adelle watch.
Adelle. Terry, and KayBeth

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