Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clark's First Time to Drive- EVER!

Clark had a teenage rite of passage today! He learned to put gas in the tank of the van and to DRIVE! I was the brave teacher and am proud to say Clark, the van, and I all survived.

Of course, I had my camera for this big moment. Witness Clark's first time in the driver's seat!

He was super excited!

He puts it in gear.....
and drives!!!

He drove for about 30 minutes around his high school. There are lots of turns, stop signs, and long straight roadways so it is a great place to learn. He even got fancy and used the blinker the last 15 minutes.

He did a great job of slowly braking..... after the first 2 or 3 "rip your head off" stops anyway! He only really scared me once... it had to do with too much acceleration and the curb on my side of the car! I grabbed the wheel to correct. No crashes, no scratches, no dings. we survived!!

Like all new teenagers, he needs practice but he is off to a great start! I imagine we will spend many more Sunday afternoons driving around the school.

Beep, beep! Clear of the sidewalks Pflugerville, here Clark comes!

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