Saturday, August 22, 2009

Band Parent Night

Friday night was the Hawk Band "Parent Night." The band showed off what they have learned of the new marching show during the summer camp. The name of the show is "Look Up." Don't ask me what it means!

Clark at attention..hup!

Clark is in the middle of the next two photos.

After they showed their stuff, each kid got to bring out a parent or guest to try to march a small section of the show. I was the lucky Limbaugh parent in this case!

Clark is showing me how to hold the Baritone.

Easy as pie!

Okay so it was not that easy to hold the instrument way up, buzz some dying moose sounding notes, count to 8 then 12, and march sideways with shoulder facing front!! I did manage to end up on my "dot" at the end of one of my pass attempts! Yeah me!

After the marching the band got together to play the school fight song.
The director on the roof was giving closing comments.
They were all looking up at him.
It was a fun night. We are looking forward to seeing the show from the football stands for the different perspective.

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