Monday, August 31, 2009

Art Contest

A few weeks ago, I went to Aaron Bros. Art & Framing Store to pick up a birthday gift. Dane was with me. We noticed a flier about a kid's art contest. I picked up the info and brought it home with me. That same day, unbeknown to me, Dane excitedly painted an ocean scene to enter in the contest. It was a nice painting but it was on the wrong size paper. According to the rules, the art had to be on a 9x12 piece of art paper.

A few days later, I found myself at a craft store so I picked up a pack of 9x12 art paper just for Dane. Yesterday, on the correct paper, Dane drew an ocean scape picture using colored pencils. He used paint to fill in the ocean. This art was better than the first attempt in that he used more colors and was really taking his time. I was so thrilled watching him do the work. He was absorbed in it!

Today after I picked him and Mason up from school, we drove over the Aaron Brother's to submit the art for the contest.

Outside the store.

A close up of the art.

Dane turns in his art to the store manager who was thrilled to get it.
Turns out Dane was the first one to turn in anything for the contest!

Here is the deal with the contest. In-store voting takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 26 & 27. (This is where anyone who reads this makes the drive to La Frontera to vote!!!) The winning art of each local store goes on to the next level of the contest in which online voting takes place to determine an out and out winner. That winner gets a $500 Aaron Brother's gift card and the kid's school gets a $1000 donation! That would be sweet!

The odds are very low that a 6 yr old could win this when ages 5 to 17 are competing against each other through it all. But one never knows! It's all in the numbers, right?

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