Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vicki's Yard

Vicki's birthday was Monday. Conveniently, she failed to mention that when I saw her on Saturday and again on Sunday! I discovered the fact when Face Book sent me an email with upcoming birthdays for this week. Vicki, Vicki, Vicki! Shame on you!!! :-)

With the newly discovered info, I called up Rebecca and Abigail. I recruited Ed, Mason, and Dane, and we all set to work to give Vicki a big birthday surprise! We made signs, packed toilet paper, crepe paper, and foil, strung CDs on yarn, and packed a birthday banner.

As darkness set in, we drove to her house and parked a few houses down. We watched while she and Jerry swept up their newly cut grass by flashlight. We watched Vicki take out the trash. When the garage door closed we went to work! We were quiet and quick! Look what we did!

(Click the photos to see the culprits in action!)
After we finished, we all sneaked back to the van except for Mason. With instructions to run in the shadows, Mason rang Vicki's doorbell twice and ran for the van. We watched as the front porch light came. We saw Vicki and Jerry come outside to check out all our handy work. We giggled hysterically while we watched them looking at everything. It was so fun!!!!

Apparently, I have a reputation for this kind of activity and Vicki immediately suspected me. As we were driving out of the neighborhood, my cell phone rang. It was Vicki! I let it go to voice mail! Then on speaker phone we all listened to her laughing as she casually asked if I had been in her neighborhood! Hee, hee, hee!

Of course, I denied it~ for about 12 hours anyway! Vicki sent around a funny email in which she laid out all the reasons why she was sure it was the "TRICKY, WILY, CRAFTY AND SNEAKY LIMBAUGH'S." Throw in two Harkey's and she had it correct!

Happy Birthday, Vicki!

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