Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prairie Dogs in Amarillo, Texas!

We left Austin this morning about 8:15 a.m. headed to Amarillo, Texas! We set out with our good friends and neighbors, the Harkeys, and with Clark's cousin, Matthew Morrison. Matthew had spent the week with us to take in some sun and fun in the Austin area. We took a leisurely route through Fort Worth, pausing long enough to drop Matthew with his mom at his house just north of there. Here's a couple shots of the boys as they were saying good-bye to one another.

A few hours and a lot of flat land later, we arrived in Amarillo! It was 100 degrees here, but Cecil Harkey swears it will be a much cooler evening. This is his hometown, and he's excited to show it off to us.

This evening as we were returning from the restaurant across from our hotel, we walked through a real, live prairie dog town! We had walked right through their little town on the way to eat but hadn't realized what all the holes on the ground were. On the return trip the prairie dogs were out chasing one another around. When we approached, they raced to their holes. One of the prairie dogs poked his head out of the furthest hole and began to bark! The closer we got, the faster he barked. At the last possible moment he slid deep into the hole out of sight.

Here's the stretch of "field" we crossed that hid those nifty little prairie dogs! Had we been driving, we would never have known they were here.

As we walked home, these little guys were skittering around.

They quickly retreated to their holes, but at least one was always standing guard at the farthest edge of the town. He would bark faster as we got closer. Once we were too close for comfort, he'd dart into the hole.

And their gone! Disappeard down the hole!

Lisa also snapped off a few artistic shots of some old jalopies close to where we were staying. Hope you enjoy those as well!

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