Thursday, July 30, 2009

Palo Duro Canyon

Sunday night was a big night! We all drive out to the Palo Duro Canyon, just outside of Amarillo. We were amazed at the views! You drive through flat land for miles and then out of no where, there is a beautiful canyon!

Family shots

We drove around the Canyon a little bit and then headed to the Pioneer Amphitheater for the 8:30pm show start of Texas, The Musical. The stage is built into the Canyon wall. The Canyon, cliff, and stage are all used in the show.This production is wonderful! The story is about Texas progression back in the days of the open land and cattle. The show is filled with great singing and dancing and some nifty special effects. All of us that went, The Harkeys and some of Cecil's family, enjoyed it emmensely.

I remember going to see this show with my O'ma and O'pa when I was a young girl. I don't remember the show as much as I remember the Caynon backdrop, stage. and taking jackets. One night,
with those memories fresh in my mind, Cecil and I were talking about Amarillo. We decided we wanted to share this experience with our families so we made plans to see the show. The rest is history! :-)

This is the back of the stage from our seats which were
front and center! (This is pre-show)

The audience is getting seated when the single deer stops in the center of the cliff-
which is the top of the stage.
It was a peaceful moment.
I had to shoot the show with the flash off. That is a hard thing to do with action going on but here are the best of them.

Scenes from the show.

At the show's end, the boys rushed out to get in the line for autographs. They were so engaged in the activity that they didn't even know I took this picture!

We had a great time in Amarillo! I highly recommend the trip to anyone who is entrigued by the postings on this blog. And anyone who deems themselves a real Texan must see this show! Yee haw! It is an experience you will not find anywhere else but will remember for a long time after!

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