Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Texan Restaurant

On Sunday, for lunch, we went to the Big Texan Restaurant. It is a western themed steak house famous for the 72oz free steak- but there is a catch. To get the steak for free, a person has to eat it all plus 3 sides and one drink in one hour. If you finish it all, the meal is free; if you don't, you pay $72 for the meal. For anyone willing to try, there is a raised table in the middle of the restaurant with an electronic clock to count down the hour. No one from our group was willing to try it! But we all enjoyed our normal sized steaks and sides!
A 72oz steak-
We were all amazed to see it!

Along with us and the Harkey's, Cecil's mother, sister, bro-in-law, nephew and great nephew joined us. We had a big group!

Outside the restaurant-
Dane on the porch-

Inside the dining room-
A singing cowboy who sang table side for tips-
He sang three songs for us and I got to put the tip in his arm garter.
Yee Haw, Cowdaddy!Cowboys Dane and Mason-
The giant rocking chair-

Cowboys Clark, Alvin, and Dane out front-
After this big meal, we all went back to our hotel rooms for a much needed afternoon snooze!

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