Thursday, July 30, 2009

Palo Duro Canyon

Sunday night was a big night! We all drive out to the Palo Duro Canyon, just outside of Amarillo. We were amazed at the views! You drive through flat land for miles and then out of no where, there is a beautiful canyon!

Family shots

We drove around the Canyon a little bit and then headed to the Pioneer Amphitheater for the 8:30pm show start of Texas, The Musical. The stage is built into the Canyon wall. The Canyon, cliff, and stage are all used in the show.This production is wonderful! The story is about Texas progression back in the days of the open land and cattle. The show is filled with great singing and dancing and some nifty special effects. All of us that went, The Harkeys and some of Cecil's family, enjoyed it emmensely.

I remember going to see this show with my O'ma and O'pa when I was a young girl. I don't remember the show as much as I remember the Caynon backdrop, stage. and taking jackets. One night,
with those memories fresh in my mind, Cecil and I were talking about Amarillo. We decided we wanted to share this experience with our families so we made plans to see the show. The rest is history! :-)

This is the back of the stage from our seats which were
front and center! (This is pre-show)

The audience is getting seated when the single deer stops in the center of the cliff-
which is the top of the stage.
It was a peaceful moment.
I had to shoot the show with the flash off. That is a hard thing to do with action going on but here are the best of them.

Scenes from the show.

At the show's end, the boys rushed out to get in the line for autographs. They were so engaged in the activity that they didn't even know I took this picture!

We had a great time in Amarillo! I highly recommend the trip to anyone who is entrigued by the postings on this blog. And anyone who deems themselves a real Texan must see this show! Yee haw! It is an experience you will not find anywhere else but will remember for a long time after!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Texan Restaurant

On Sunday, for lunch, we went to the Big Texan Restaurant. It is a western themed steak house famous for the 72oz free steak- but there is a catch. To get the steak for free, a person has to eat it all plus 3 sides and one drink in one hour. If you finish it all, the meal is free; if you don't, you pay $72 for the meal. For anyone willing to try, there is a raised table in the middle of the restaurant with an electronic clock to count down the hour. No one from our group was willing to try it! But we all enjoyed our normal sized steaks and sides!
A 72oz steak-
We were all amazed to see it!

Along with us and the Harkey's, Cecil's mother, sister, bro-in-law, nephew and great nephew joined us. We had a big group!

Outside the restaurant-
Dane on the porch-

Inside the dining room-
A singing cowboy who sang table side for tips-
He sang three songs for us and I got to put the tip in his arm garter.
Yee Haw, Cowdaddy!Cowboys Dane and Mason-
The giant rocking chair-

Cowboys Clark, Alvin, and Dane out front-
After this big meal, we all went back to our hotel rooms for a much needed afternoon snooze!

Cadillac Ranch

On Sunday mid-afternoon, we and the Harkey's made a stop at Walmart for spray paint. We bought a total of 8 cans in a variety of colors. From there we drove out to Cadillac Ranch.

Cadillac Ranch is an open field off one of the highways that runs through Amarillo. Someone decided to find old Cadillacs, gut them, and stick them up on their ends. Anyone can come to the Ranch and get their graffiti on! We did and it was a ton of fun! How often do you get to go hog wild with a can of spray paint?? Between the 10 of us, we used up all 8 cans.

Armed and ready to spray!
You can see the whole row in this pic.

The Harkey kids and the Limbaugh kids
pose in front of one of the 10 Cadillacs.

The adults got into it too!

The boys were particularly excited about the visit to this place because they had read about it in a Ripley's Believe It Or Not book. Here is a link to Legands of America to read up on it yourself!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prairie Dogs in Amarillo, Texas!

We left Austin this morning about 8:15 a.m. headed to Amarillo, Texas! We set out with our good friends and neighbors, the Harkeys, and with Clark's cousin, Matthew Morrison. Matthew had spent the week with us to take in some sun and fun in the Austin area. We took a leisurely route through Fort Worth, pausing long enough to drop Matthew with his mom at his house just north of there. Here's a couple shots of the boys as they were saying good-bye to one another.

A few hours and a lot of flat land later, we arrived in Amarillo! It was 100 degrees here, but Cecil Harkey swears it will be a much cooler evening. This is his hometown, and he's excited to show it off to us.

This evening as we were returning from the restaurant across from our hotel, we walked through a real, live prairie dog town! We had walked right through their little town on the way to eat but hadn't realized what all the holes on the ground were. On the return trip the prairie dogs were out chasing one another around. When we approached, they raced to their holes. One of the prairie dogs poked his head out of the furthest hole and began to bark! The closer we got, the faster he barked. At the last possible moment he slid deep into the hole out of sight.

Here's the stretch of "field" we crossed that hid those nifty little prairie dogs! Had we been driving, we would never have known they were here.

As we walked home, these little guys were skittering around.

They quickly retreated to their holes, but at least one was always standing guard at the farthest edge of the town. He would bark faster as we got closer. Once we were too close for comfort, he'd dart into the hole.

And their gone! Disappeard down the hole!

Lisa also snapped off a few artistic shots of some old jalopies close to where we were staying. Hope you enjoy those as well!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Visit to New Braunfels

Clark here. I'm here to post about our trip to New Braunfels. Mom and Dad drove us, as well as Cousin Matthew, down to New Braunfels on Sunday. When we got there, we had lunch with Oma. The next day, we went to Sam Ash and Guitar Center in San Antonio with Grandad. We then had lunch at the Iron Horse Saloon. They have great burgers there. We all went to see the new Harry Potter movie too.

On Tuesday, we went to Schlitterbahn with Tristin. At Schlitterbahn, we were 4 of the first 5 people to ride the Master Blaster! We did everything except for 3 rides: the "Dragon's Revenge", the "Down Hill racer", and a long tube ride. My favorite ride was the Master Blaster.

Here's us on the first night watching TV. As you can see, Matthew is in the process of scarfing down an animal cracker.

Here's Me, Mason, Matthew, and Tristin
( One of the kids of Grandlally's friends) Here's breakfast at The Jennings' House.

On Wednesday, Mom and Dane picked us up at Dan's Burgers in Buda. Matthew and I had the Chicken Finger Basket. It was good, but I just wasn't very hungry. Mason had a grilled chicken sandwich. He said it was delicious.

That's all for now. Bye.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Co-Worker Party

Last night we hosted a Going Away Party for Ed's Co-Worker John. We had 15 people over for dinner and spirits in his honor. John is moving back to Wyoming and will be going back to school. He is a good guy and will be missed.

Standing: Alan, Justin, Sherri, Richard, Aaron, Paul, Andrew, Brian
Sitting behind sofa: Steve, Christina, Pam
Sitting on sofa: John, Ed, Terry

There was lots of food, beer, and Margaritas! We even got the group to play "2 Truths, 1 Lie." That was funny to listen to as they all tried to guess which co-worker wrote what!

Bye John! You will be missed!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vicki's Yard

Vicki's birthday was Monday. Conveniently, she failed to mention that when I saw her on Saturday and again on Sunday! I discovered the fact when Face Book sent me an email with upcoming birthdays for this week. Vicki, Vicki, Vicki! Shame on you!!! :-)

With the newly discovered info, I called up Rebecca and Abigail. I recruited Ed, Mason, and Dane, and we all set to work to give Vicki a big birthday surprise! We made signs, packed toilet paper, crepe paper, and foil, strung CDs on yarn, and packed a birthday banner.

As darkness set in, we drove to her house and parked a few houses down. We watched while she and Jerry swept up their newly cut grass by flashlight. We watched Vicki take out the trash. When the garage door closed we went to work! We were quiet and quick! Look what we did!

(Click the photos to see the culprits in action!)
After we finished, we all sneaked back to the van except for Mason. With instructions to run in the shadows, Mason rang Vicki's doorbell twice and ran for the van. We watched as the front porch light came. We saw Vicki and Jerry come outside to check out all our handy work. We giggled hysterically while we watched them looking at everything. It was so fun!!!!

Apparently, I have a reputation for this kind of activity and Vicki immediately suspected me. As we were driving out of the neighborhood, my cell phone rang. It was Vicki! I let it go to voice mail! Then on speaker phone we all listened to her laughing as she casually asked if I had been in her neighborhood! Hee, hee, hee!

Of course, I denied it~ for about 12 hours anyway! Vicki sent around a funny email in which she laid out all the reasons why she was sure it was the "TRICKY, WILY, CRAFTY AND SNEAKY LIMBAUGH'S." Throw in two Harkey's and she had it correct!

Happy Birthday, Vicki!